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One of our favourite joints. I figured it was appropriate to do an updated review after a few months because I noticed a little change in their menu. 🙂

Still looks as cute as ever!!!

Menu is very simple, 4 pages says it all. A page of ramen choices with toppings:

Rice bowls, sides, appetisers, desserts and drinks on 2 of the pages.

And a page with combination/dinner specials:

The menu has been tweaked a little bit since our last visit, for the better in my opinion. There is also a new introduction of this ramen with cheese and pork! Strange… a little too strange for me to try it.

We ordered:

Simmered Pork & Boiled Egg $6

A tad pricey for the amount of meat & egg, but very very good. Ordering the full option over rice would be a better deal. The pork belly is cooked down so much that it was falling apart as we picked it up and the fat disintegrates on the tongue. Sweet, salty and pretty darn tasty especially with the soft-medium boil egg.


Tenma Ramen (Tonkotsu Ramen) $7.50 w Extra Pork (5 slices) $3 & Egg $1

Served with thin noodles & orders sans corn. I am not crazy about these noodles, they are silky but less chewy than the medium version. This has more of a fresh pasta texture than the usual springy ramen noodles. They were cooked to a nice al dente.

Broth was amazingly milky, porky and very very flavourful. Not the least bit oily with just the right amount of salt. Surprisingly easy to finish a whole bowl.

Meep and I are so used to ordering it with extra meat. Their ramen is served with only one pork slice (which is sooo skimpy) BUT the side order is generous BUT too much. So splitting one extra order ends up being the perfect amount of meat.


Kotteri Ramen $8

I chose it with the medium noodles. They came out cooked with a nice bite to them. I didn’t notice much of a thickness difference with the thin or medium noodles but more of a texture difference. Even the colours are different, the medium is more translucent and texturally more springy/chewy.

This is my favourite ramen offered here, it has every taste covered; salty, sweet, a slight bitter note and umamilicious!  The soup was very porky and garlicky.

The broth is a little oilier than the tonkotsu option, but I really like the slight bitter garlic note. It is not too salty and still very full bodied and milky. I really appreciate the nice corn kernels that give a nice crunch and sweetness. Served with only one slice of the delicious pork that is also on the Tonkotsu Ramen.




Total Damage: $30.50 (with tax & tip)

Personal Rating: 3.75 out of 5 (Very very good)

Pricing is comparable with other ramen-yas. So far, everything that we have tried here was good or very good! We always leave happy and very satisfied with the food and also the service.

The owner does not only serve, but also puts together the dishes. He is always soft spoken, very gracious and also acknowledges the crowd. Whether it is a “Sorry for the wait”, “I will be right there” or a “Thank You”. For one guy who does everything, it is pretty awesome.

Other visits: 1, 2




Ramen Tenma

487 Saratoga Ave
San Jose, CA 95129

(408) 557-8799

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