A Housewife’s Tale episode 103

So… I am now wondering if I should keep calling these weekly updates “Housewife’s Tale” episodes since I am now actively job hunting! YAYYYY *fireworks* I got my EAD & SSN in the mail this week and will be applying for job once Meep & I get back from Vancouver. We are heading to Vancouver for a short vacation on Thursday. So many people to see, places to eat, things to do BUT so little time!!!

Neways, here is the week 103 update~


Sunday – This is a day filled with experiments! I cooked crabs for the FIRST time! Although it is frozen crab because I wanted to experiment to see how this experiment will turn out before attempting on live crabs.  I also tried black rice for the first time (a total failure!), but ended up putting too much black rice to white rice ratio and instead of nice nutty purple rice – the rice was indeed black! o_O


Monday – Ribs! We bought some dim sum on Sunday, and as usual we ordered 3 orders of ribs for me to serve with rice. Just added some dark soy and whipped up some mushroom & cabbage stirfry.


Tuesday – Had some leftover noodles from making Prawn Noodles so I made a quick fried noodle dish for Meep before heading 0ut to UJAM.

I kept meaning to bake some corn muffins with the new muffin pan I got. I tried the Martha’s mix that V gave me… but they turned out quite dismal. 🙁


Wednesday – I have been meaning to make my rendition of Taiwanese minced pork noodle. I don’t know what it is called but it is served with minced pork in soy sauce & cucumbers. I ended up creating a cross between the Korean JJajangmyun & this taiwanese noodles. I just added garlic black bean paste into my mix instead of the Korean black bean paste (which Meepy does not like!). They turned out so well, I might just have to post a recipe soon.

MIX MIX MIX! Looks just like a light colour Jjajangmyun. I served it with a side of kimchi radish.

We have concluded that I cannot bake even the simplest recipes!! I found a simple nutella chocolate chip cookie… Although they looked OK but they tasted like a cross between muffins & cookies. Henri called them “Mookies”… they were so bad Meep would only eat half a cookie! 🙁  Two failures in two days…

*note* I did run out of granulated sugar so I used powdered… and might have spilled more baking powder in there than needed. Oops!


Thursday – I have been craving fried chicken for weeks, more specifically Popeye’s fried chicken. The branch near home has closed down. 🙁 Neways, we drove a good 15 minutes to the nearest location and picked up a box of 11 pieces. *loves*


Friday – Meep had leftover Popeye’s while I had whipped up more Black Bean Pork noodles for myself~


Saturday – We went to the SF Street Food Festival w SK & A. Definitely not what I expected, kinda reminded me of Taste of Edmonton but 4 times larger! Spanning over 4 blocks of stalls & food trucks. We didn’t venture very far before we got stuffed…

They had over 30,000 visitors last year!!

We had brisket sandwich, burger, fried chicken, sweet potato fries, chinese bun, deep fried pork skins and ice cream! *burp*

For dinner, Meep wanted ramen~ So off to Tenma Ramen, our new favourite ramen-ya.


I wonder how these updates will look once I start job hunting. 😛 It has been looking a little repetitive and boring since I started working out. *gulp* Wish me luck!

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