Housewife’s tale episode 29

2 weeks late! *gulp*

I spent Easter long weekend at the in laws. Meep couldn’t go so I went alone for a week long vacation to Edmonton. Dad in law’s 60th birthday fell on the Saturday. =)

I had a pretty awesome time hanging out with old friends and reliving good times. ^__^ I spent 2 nites with E and the rest of the week at the in laws~

Let’s do a recap of the 29th week menu before I get distracted and ramble on about my trip.

Sunday – Meep and I went out for burgers and picked up some groceries.


The easiest way to get him to go grocery shopping is that I promiseto buy and cook something he loves… And guess what it is…

STEAMED FISHIE! We prolly eat this once every two weeks and sometimes once a week. Such an easy guy to bribe tho~


And mapo tofu with eggplant. This eggplant has seen better days so I had to use it before I left for Edmonton~




Monday – I made butter chicken. It was not very good. I mean, it tasted fine but a little too tomatoey. I am still in search for the good creamy version with a hint of indian spices. This was a little disappointing.



Tuesday – I cooked and cooked all day. Well maybe just for about 4 hours of prepping, cooking and storing. I was leaving Meep for a week and didn’t want him eating burgers and hot dogs all week~



I cooked a whole 8 person serving of lasagna and also hainam chicken rice; then portioned them and froze them in little bags. Dinner was a choice between the two. ^_^




Wednesday – I had class till late so I cooked early. I had a pork belly marinating in the fridge so I popped it in the oven. And then had to decide what I wanted to serve with it.

Loh mein with wonton, roast pork and veggies~





Thursday – My flight was early. It was almost ridiculous that I left San Jose at 9.30am and did not get into Edmonton till 5.30pm. When I got in, C picked me up from the university and took me to dinner!





I don’t know what these dishes are. I just sat and ate. ^__^ Thanks to C & C, this starving girl off the plane got fed gooood.



Friday – Had hot pot at Bern’s. We picked up some ingredients from T&T. It was disgusting how much the four of us ate. And it is even more disgusting when we had to go for a ten course dinner with my extended family.




Ten courses and a cake! It seems a little excessive to post every single picture but here is a few of my favourites:



Spicy crab


Shrimp cocktail


Braised sea cucumber, mushrooms over bakchoy.

There was also lobster, squid over greens, fish maw soup, roast chicken, sweet sour pork and steam fish… Ending it w a cake to celebrate my cousin’s 18th bday!



Saturday – T’s 60th! I had lunch w Meep’s sisters at Kyoto. We ordered wayyyy too much sushi. I did not remember Kyoto having such bad sushi for the price we paid. Maybe Vancouver and the Bay Area spoiled me.





A little excessive? yes! I am not kidding when I tell you I gained 3 pounds from my vacation. I weighed myself before and after~

For dinner – There was the usual roast duck, noodles and meat from T&T. We also had lasagna, sticky rice, potatoes, roast beef, cabbage rolls, chick peas… *burp*

It was too much to take pictures of, so here is my plate~


I ordered a strawberry chocolate torte (which it wasn’t and not that good!) and carrot cake (which was pretty darn tasty – even for a non carrot cake fan)



It was an awesome weekend by this point. The surprise for T was a success. He was kinda dumbstruck for a good ten secs when he opened the door and saw me. =) Then J popped out of a trunk, where he was told to get something. He almost got a heart attack. Alll good! No freak accidents. A good 60th with about 30 some ppl~

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