Fusion 9 – Santa Clara, CA

Meep and I drove past Fusion 9 countless of times and the giant “drive thru” sign always peaked our curiousity. I mean, an Indian fast food/drive thru is unheard of (at least where we can from). We finally could not take it anymore and decided to stop by for dinner.

Dingy little place that needs a lot of work but if you are just buying to go, I guess it would not matter.

Ordering it done at the counter and a number is given for the ordering. Pick up from the counter when number is called~ Menu has quite a decent number of choices:

We ordered:

Butter Chicken Tikka Masala $8.49

A little disappointing but decent. It was rich, creamy and nicely seasoned but a little on the sweet side. The chunks of chicken were tough and dry (obviously chunks of tandoori chicken that were grilled then added to a sauce). I actually bit into a few shards of bone that cut me. =(


Combo #8 $14.99 (offered on Fri, Sat & Sun Only)

Fusion9 Goat DUM Briyani, Goat Curry, Roti (or Naan) & Soda served with side of Raita, Some peanut-y sauce and Onions

The briyani was not bad. Rice cooked well with the grains nicely covered in spices with quite some heat to it. There was a good amount of goat in the dish considering the price. The goat chunks were delicious! So tender with bits of melt in your mouth fat that gave the whole dish so much character. A little on the dry side but the goat curry made it pretty darn tasty.

The goat curry was very good and just as generous with the amount of goat as the briyani. Prolly over ten pieces of lean tender goat with random pieces of fatty ones. The curry had great well developed flavours with the rice amount of spice, salt and heat. Delicious with the rice!

The roti was not bad. A little too dense, not as airy or delicate as I would have preferred. But pretty good accompaniment to the curry.

I didn’t care much for the luke warm side sauces.


Mango Lassi $2.99

The mango lassi is premade and left in the fridge next to the counter. Not bad but a little too much yoghurt and not enough mango puree so it was ultra tangy.




Total Damage: $28.37 (including tax)

Personal Rating: 2.75 out of 5 (Pretty Average)

Service wasn’t really a factor here since it is not really a table service. You walk in the door; order at the counter and when food is ready they call out your number and you pick it up yourself. But the people at the counter were nice enough, not the most efficient because they try to serve too many people at the same time so there was quite some confusion.

The value for money is pretty good especially with the combos. The portions for the briyani is massive but the curry come in a fairly small tub. But it is still comparable to the cheaper Indian restaurants at the Bay Area.




Fusion 9

2277 El Camino Real
Santa Clara, CA 95050

(408) 296 2277

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