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I would never have ventured into Burger Bar if I was not researching casual dining spots in the Mandalay since my in laws were staying there. There is a Burger Bar in San Francisco Bay Area that does not have very great reviews from my friends and SK told us about getting the $60 burger that was super disappointing.

I suggested it since Bestie got in way after dinner and needed a light night spot for a quick bite AND I read about them serving Nutella milkshake and just HAD to try it.

Burger Bar is the owned and run by the endearing Hubert Keller, who won my heart with his demeanor in Top Chef Masters! I was not sure what to expect but when we got there – this is definitely a bar! I was not sure what to expect but it is a super casual spot with a full bar and booths. There are pictures of Hubert Keller and his staff along the walls leading to the washrooms~

Menu has all kinds of burgers and a handful of salads and appetisers.

Some burgers come with fries, while others are just the burgers alone so the prices are quite all over the place.

The extensive beer list with options for beer sampler sizes~~


We ordered:

Salmon Burger on Potato Bun $13.15 & Aioli $0.45

Every component of the burger is a separate charge, so although it might seem cheap on the menu it comes at the bare minimum – w Lettuce, Tomato, Onion & Plain Bun. If not careful, after picking toppings and even sauces for the burger one might end up spending over $20 for a burger~

That said, the burger was still worth every dollar. The salmon fillet came looking like a patty (round) which was a tad alarming BUT it was just cut that way. Fresh and cooked a little rare in the middle, which was fine for us. I picked the aioli to go with the burger since I like garlic and mayo on anything!! It added a nice creamy spread for the bun, acting like tartar but more subtle~

Zuchinni Fries $3.45 add on to burger

The fries were not bad, seasoned well and went well with the same aioli I got for the burger. The coating is a tad thick especially for the 1/2 inch cuts of zucchini.


Lamb Burger “Merguez Style” $15 w Fries $3.50

Ground Lamb seasoned with secret spices with thin cut fries

The burger was cooked to a nice medium, very juicy and oozing with nice clear fat. It was a tad bland which is disappointing considering it is supposed to be seasoned w “secret spices” and the only spice I really detected was cayenne (?) or whatever gives heat but not much flavour.

The fries were good; crispy on the outside with soft centre.


Burger Bar Sliders $13.50

Buffalo, Angus & NatureSource beef sliders served with skinny fries

I didn’t try this but all 3 sliders came with different toppings and sauces. On the menu it stated that all sliders are cooked medium and no substitution on temperature!! That is bold – to try to tell the diners HOW they should eat their food.


Nutella $8.75

Chocolate ice cream, Nutella, Chocolate sauce & Chocolate whipped cream topped with toasted hazelnuts

This was definitely worth my continuous harping about having to eat here. It was amazing!!! The nutella was prominent – nutty and chocolate-y. As hard as it was to share since it was plain addictive, it is pretty generous for one person, best to share since the richness gets a little heavy. The chocolate whipped cream was just cherry on top! Light, airy and chocolate-y but not overly sweet.

The one thing that surprised me was, when I imagined nutella cold I expect a layer of “fat” to form at the roof top of the mouth since it is quite oily out of the tub but it was not the case with the milkshake~


Pink Monkey $8.75

Strawberry ice cream, fresh banana, fresh strawberries topped with whipped cream

I am usually not a fan of strawberry milk or ice cream but this surprised it. I was expecting some typical artificial strawberry flavoured milkshake but this was anything but typical. It was very light and creamy with the fresh strawberries being the star and so the primary flavours. I was also surprised that the banana was not the prominent flavour since I am used with bananas in smoothies, and all one would taste is the bananas.

It was primarily strawberry with a hint of banana and topped with fresh banana slices.


Black & White $8.75

Vanilla ice cream, cookie dough & chocolate sauce topped with chocolate whipped cream

Not my favourite, had chunks of cookie dough with most of it blended in so it just tasted like a light chocolate shake with a weird aftertaste and random bits of raw cookie dough!




Total Damage: (N/A)

Personal Rating: 3 out of 5 (Good)

Ate there on two separate occasions in the same weekend so did a combined post instead. I am all for the Nutella Milkshake!!! Honestly, I probably would never eat here if it wasn’t for the Nutella milkshake and I kept talking about it all weekend that we ended up going there twice~

Great place for a quick bite, casual eats or some drinks and desserts! I am uber curious about the beer floats and alcoholic milkshakes (they sound a little too lethal!!! alcohol and ice cream is such a bad idea) so if anyone does end up trying them, let me know how they were~

Service was good on both visits but the hostess won’t sit anyone until the whole party arrives so that was a tad annoying.




Burger Bar

3930 Las Vegas Blvd S
Las Vegas, NV 89119

(702) 632 9364

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  1. Jessie says:

    I love the Burger Bar especially the spiked milk shakes. My only complaint are the prices.

    Great review.

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