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NX was moving his family back to Tokyo and so there was a mini little farewell dinner arranged for him with a few of his friends. When he asked about places to go, the only places I could think of was Chinese or Japanese Tapas and in the end he picked Sen Dai Sushi. Meep and I were trying to figure out why this place was so familiar and finally remembered we ate here over 2 years ago when I first moved here!!

Menu is very extensive and it seems like their popular items are their bento boxes – good prices with generous portion sizes. I was more partial to the interesting rolls and sashimi combinations.

We ordered:

Storm Bringer $12

Soft shell crab & crab roll topped with yellowtail, salmon, fresh water eel, tobiko & avocado

Crowd pleaser! The soft shell crab was quite lost with the chopped imitation crab mixed into the roll and so tasted just like a california roll with crispy bits. The sashimi on the top were really good and definitely made the roll so much better! Topped with tobiko and some sweet unagi soy sauce that balanced out the salty tobiko with some sweet.


Volcano $11

Shrimp tempura roll topped with spicy scallop, tobiko, & green onion

My favourite of the night. The shrimp tempura was still warm and crispy and the avocado was creamy and fresh. The scallops were pretty thick cuts that were fresh with the distinct briny sweetness. Finally, the spicy mayo and tobiko ties it all together. There was a lot more rice than your average sushi roll but it balanced out with generous fillings and topping.


Sumo $11

Salmon, yellowtail roll topped with spicy tuna, pickled Jalapeno, spicy sauce and radish sprout

Pretty good roll especially if spicy rolls are your thing. I did not attempt to eat the Jalapeno pepper since the tangy spicy tuna topped with spicy mayo was more than enough heat for me. I appreciate the generous amounts of salmon and hamachi in the roll that gave it a more firm texture since the tuna was all chopped up. It needed more than pea sprouts for some edge tho. It got blah after a couple pieces.


Sashimi Deluxe $46.50

29 pieces of Chef’s choice of 5 types of sashimi: Seabass, Yellowtail, Albacore Tuna, Yellowfin Tuna, Ahi Tuna, Salmon, Octopus

All of the fish were good – not of exceptional quality but decent.  I didn’t like that the chef’s choice consisted of 50% tuna especially for the price. There were two we didn’t enjoy much, which were the Yellowfin Tuna and the Seabass. The tuna was a little frozen so it was strange; tasteless and watery. The sea bass on the other hand was a little on the slimy side.

The Hamachi and Salmon was good! Probably one of the fish with highest turnover so the quality and freshness was a tad above the rest of the sashimi on the plate. Everything else was a tad above average – better than the food court quality but not as good as our favourite haunts in the city.



Sushi Rice upgrade
$1.50 – The sashimi came with rice but we had to pay extra if we wanted sushi rice (seasoned rice), which I found ridiculous.
Coke $1.50




Total Damage: $108 (including tax & tip)

Personal Rating : 3 out of 5 (Good)

The bento boxes and specialty rolls are very good value for the price – all under $12 and come in generous portions. The sashimi deluxe was the priciest item on the menu, and even for that is fairly decent in terms of quality and quantity.

Service was OK but not great. Well I might be a little harsh here because I was a tad annoyed that we were not allowed to be seated until the whole party arrive (and they don’t take reservations so NX went early only to end up standing around for almost half hour). The restaurant is pretty big but they don’t have a proper seating system so even with lots of empty tables they had problems accommodating groups. The servers were quite overwhelmed so it does take a while to get their attention and when we do, it takes a while to get what we needed..



Sen Dai Sushi

224 N Abel Street,
Milpitas, CA 95035

(408) 263 1472

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