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Now that I am working around the peninsula, my dining radius has definitely expanded to more than just South Bay and San Francisco. Recently, A and I have been dining around more in San Mateo since it is a good meeting point w the other ladies who live all over the Bay Area.

Yuzu is one of SK & A’s top sushi joints and they have raved about it constantly. We finally squeezed in a reservation on a Friday night at 6.45 pm.

Not the greatest looking place and quite small as well. I should actually say it is VERY small. It got packed really fast.

Menu is extensive but simple; with specialty small plates, nigiri and some rolls. Do not expect the elaborate Americanised rolls with 20 different toppings and varieties here.  They also feature the Chef Omakase/Seafood combinations for about $60 each.

We ordered:

1/2 dozen Fresh Oysters $15

Fresh oysters topped with ponzu sauce. What else can I say other than – satisfying.

Spicy Pork Belly Salad $8.95

Pork Belly cooked shabu style on top of fresh lettuce and a mayo drizzle. It definitely had a kick to it and was very refreshing.

Grilled Beef Tongue $8

Simply seasoned with salt and grilled just enough so it is cooked but not tough. I can never describe the texture of tongue very well – it is not quite chewy or crunchy but kinda in the middle. Delicious!

Shrimp Tempura $9

Shrimp was extremely fresh and sweet coated with light crunchy tempura coating. Delicious!

Tamago $3.50

I have never been a fan of sweet egg but my dining partner said it was really good.

2 orders Sake Harasu (Salmon Belly) $6

Amazing! Best salmon belly I have had in long while. The fish was so clean tasting, sweet, firm and fatty.

2 orders Unagi (Fresh Water Eel)$6 each & 2 orders Anago (Sea Eel) $6

I find eel strange because I can’t get over the feeling of the tiny bones as I chew them. Other than that, the unagi itself was pretty good. Sweet and salty like it should be.

The tiny bones seems to be less apparent in the sea eel but still not my favourite. I liked the regular unagi more than the sea eel.

Chirashi $22

I am in love with all the sashimi that we were served that night. All the fish was really fresh and clean tasting. It was firm and each with its distinct flavours still prominent. My only gripe was that I wish there was more non common varieties especially for $22.

Hamachi Kama $13.50

We were still a tad hungry at the end so I ordered this grilled Yellow Tail collar. Best collar I have ever had! The fish was seasoned well and grilled to the point of being “just cooked”. So moist and flaky with nice crispy skin.

2 Black Sesame Brulee $5.50 each

I am addicted to black sesame or green tea or any tea creme brulees! The creme brulee here was intensely nutty from the black sesame yet really smooth and creamy. Not too sweet and with just a light amount of burnt sugar on top for a little crunch.



Total Damage: $160 (including tax & tip)

Personal Rating: 4.25 out of 5 (Excellent)

It was such an unassuming place yet the quality of the food was pretty amazing! Service was good but we were “rushed” out once we were done and told that there were people waiting for a table. I was kinda put off by that but I guess it is such a small place and the food is so good that we could overlook that.

The prices are a tad steeper than most of the Japanese restaurants around the peninsula. That said, I find the prices quite worth it for the quality of fish we were served. Will definitely be back whenever I am in the area craving some good old fashion sushi.



Yuzu Sushi & Grill

54 37th Ave
San Mateo, CA 94403

(650) 358 0298
Yuzu on Urbanspoon

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