Izakaya Sozai – San Francisco, CA

I heard about Izakaya Sozai from my favourite restaurant directory – A. One weekend when we were eating all over SF trying to eat our way through the 7×7 Big Eat List, she suggested ending our day with dinner at Izakaya Sozai.

The place was packed! Without reservations, the wait was over 1/2 hour.

Menu includes a board with specials, a two page list of the usuals and a drinks menu:

There is also a extensive Sake list:

We were not that hungry (shocker!) so we ordered only 3 dishes:

Pork Jowl $6

Fatty pork cheeks – seasoned and grilled really well. These morsels were crisped on the outside with juicy fatty centre. It was missing the smoke that I like from other yakitori joints.


Saikyo Miso Cod $9.50

Cod broiled with some miso and cheese. Doesn’t sound all so exciting but it was amazing! The cod was perfectly cooked – moist and tender. It was sweet, salty with a nice smoky note. The only issue I had with this dish is that I wished it was bigger!

Ritsu Tonkotsu Ramen $9 with Pork Belly $2

Delicious~ The ramen was thin and curly, cooked perfectly with a bit of a bite. Served with a medium boiled egg and fatty braised tender pork belly. The pork belly was braised to the point of melt in your mouth fat and packful of sweet salty soy flavour.

The soup was rich and porky without being the least bit greasy/oily. I found it a little to peppery though but AH loved the peppery aspect.



Total Damage: $35 (including tax & tip)

Personal Rating: 3.75 out of 5 (very good)

2 of the dishes were excellent while one was very good! A very satisfying meal; great quality dishes and well worth the premium prices. Service was excellent as well.




Izakaya Sozai

1500 Irving Street
San Francisco, CA 94122

(415) 742 5122

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