House of Pho – Sunnyvale, CA

This is V’s favourite spot for pho. For a vietnamese restaurant, it was pretty “posh”. With a little fountain near the front, nice wooden booths and spread out tables. The place got packed really fast during dinner time.

Menu is extensive like all Vietnamese restaurants – there was a range of noodles, rice, appetizers, desserts drinks.


We ordered:

Fresh Spring Roll $3.95

Fresh and tasty. Nothing to complain about a good ol’ fresh spring roll.

Deep fried chicken wings $6.50

I am  a total sucker for deep fried anything (well mostly deep fried chicken anything). I was quite impressed with the chicken wings. Nice crunchy batter and moist juicy meat. They were abnormally large wings, which I had no issues with but don’t expect this to be organic/free range chicken.


House special combination of beef $6.95

Decent broth – no pho broth has been able to surpass our favourite joint yet but this was not too bad. The broth was very light and noodles were cooked well. They do skimp on the meat toppings though.


Fried Shrimp Cake, Egg Roll, Pork chop & Shredded Pork on rice $8.75

The pork chop was nicely marinated with the usual lemongrass, soy and fish sauce. A little tough but it tasted good. The shrimp cake was excellent! Egg roll was just OK. Overall, pretty good dish especially for under $9 since I got to have a little bit of everything.



Total Damge: ~$15/person (including tax & tip)

Personal Rating: 3.25 out of 5 (Good)

The chicken wings was the winning dish for me! Good enough for me to go back and get some wings and rice plate. Not crazy about the pho but can’t say it wasn’t good either. I just have high expectations for what I am looking for. Service was great and food was served within 15 mins of ordering.



House of Pho

1066 E El Camino Real
Sunnyvale, CA 94087

(408) 260 8410

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