Happy Thanksgiving!!!

If you are Canadian, I know I know… Thanksgiving was a month ago but hey! I am not in Canada so stop giving me heck. What do I know, I am not even North American. LOL

Meep and I were invited by DK & V to head over to their place for a Thanksgiving dinner along with couple of his friends. He asked if we could make some appetisers and dessert. Why not~ But I had no idea what appetisers were served on Thanksgiving and so I googled it. Most of them had stuff dates or figs or anything with cheese. LOL…

So I made stuffed mushrooms. I never thought of cream cheese in stuffed mushrooms, till I read the pioneer woman’s blog. It made a huge difference in stuffed mushrooms.

Before and After baking

I also made some spinach, feta filled puff pastries. I never worked with puff pastry before and was struggling a little when I tried to get perfect squares for my triangle, that is why the square pastry below… LOL

Before and After picture

Then I made deviled eggs. Not the traditional one but one stuffed with bacon, cheddar and green onions.

As for dessert, we just bought giant fruit tart from Safeway. Lol… I was gonna make mini ones but did not have a muffin tray. =(

Dinner was good. I never had turkey that was brined before. Dk got a brined and seasoned turkey and it was amazingly tasty!!! There was also a bunch of sides that I have never had that were very traditional Thanksgiving fare.

My table setting… We called DK to ask if he had ketchup and he didn’t so I brought my own. LOL… Turkey is not as good without gravy mixed with ketchup!

The turkey!!!

The sides… (the guys had a lot of fun laughing over the “traditional” cranberry sauce that had to have ridges from the can.)

Candied sweet potatoes/yam – This was my first. It was pretty much a dessert. lol

Green bean casserole – this was a weird one to me. lol but I had some. Not a big fan tho..

Along with some mashed potatoes and gravy~ Turkey carved and ready…

We ate and ate and ate all day and night… Desserts

Cute little pumpkin pies and applea cranberry bread pudding from four seasons (don’t be deceived by the pictures, these are tiny two bite pieces)

After a whole 9 plus hours of eating, eating and more eating.. or some drinking on their part. We were stuffed and happy. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!

My first thanksgiving in the United States. =)

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