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While we were in Edmonton, going out for a feast at a Chinese restaurant seem to become quite a common occurrence. It is just easier to get reservations and also – who doesn’t love Peking Duck? MIL wanted to eat at Dynasty Century Palace in Chinatown, so that is where we went. It was pretty empty the day we got there, but this restaurant is popular for chinese new year banquets and wedding banquets.

Menu is very extensive so I am showing just a snapshot:

They also offer banquet style menu, which is only in Chinese but these are great if you have no idea what you want but are feeding 10 or more individuals.

This is what we ordered:

Peking duck (4 course) $43.95 each

Decent Peking Duck with crispy skin and bits of meat carved off the bone. The crepes that was served with it was a little doughy but they usually are to some extent so it didn’t bother me much. We polished off the dish in mere minutes.

Duck soup

This was one of the top dishes of the night – soup made with leftover duck bones. The soup was so flavourful – intensely duck flavoured, served with soft tofu and bok choy. So good I had two bowls.

Duck Fried Rice – Substituted rice for lettuce wrap (additional $6 each substitution)

There was so much duck in this fried rice. Simply fried with green onions, peas and egg, the pieces of duck from our peking duck was put into great use. The fried rice was quite tasty. Nothing to complain about.

Duck Fried Noodles

OMG! This was delicious~ I wished there was more noodles (there was as much bean sprouts as there were noodles) but there were generous slices of duck (I guess we did have two peking ducks so it just made both our fried rice and noodles all the better since there was more meat to work with). The noodles were tossed in a thick, sweet salty sauce so it was almost “wet” noodles and not dried fried.

Prawn with Mayo Sauce and Peach $16.95

This was always a weird one for me – weird because it baffles me how much I enjoy peaches and mayo with shrimp. The shrimp was a little too heavy on the flour coating, so it was not great but everyone enjoyed it – sweet mayo and canned peaches with salty crispy shrimp.

Pan Fried Seafood in a Nest $19.95

The seafood was very well prepared – there was generous amounts of tender shrimp and squid. There was also sweet snap peas, celery and leeks in the dish. All tossed in a light salty sauce in a crispy noodle basket. The noodle basket was the only disappointing part of the dish because it was under cooked.

Beef with Gailan $12.95

Simple crowd pleaser – tender beef in oyster sauce, fried with garlic and crunchy gailan.

Peking Style Pork Chop $10.95

I was impressed at how the pork was so tender and meaty. Lightly coated and deep fried so it is very crispy and then tossed briefly in a sweet salty sour sauce. Very good over white rice~

Pea Sprout w Garlic $18.95

Simple pea sprout garlic stir fry. Nothing more to say about that.

Crispy Chicken w Fried Garlic $23.95

The chicken was a bit blah. Nothing was bad about it – crispy chicken topped with garlic and soy sauce. The chicken itself was quite bland if not for the garlic soy. I thought it was way over cooked as a whole so quite dry.

Beef with Ginger Hot Pot $14.95

There was more onions and ginger in this dish than actual beef. For that, I probably won’t order it again. The meat is pretty tasty from oyster sauce, sharp ginger and sweet onions.


Rice $1.50 each
Jug of Coke $8.50
Beer $5.95 each



Total Damage: $244 ( with our 20% discount, w tax, excluding tip)

Personal Rating: 3.25 out of 5 (Good)

We made reservations a few days in advance and pre-ordered 2 Peking ducks. From what I have learnt, because the preparation of the ducks is fairly labour intensive and takes time therefore the restaurants in Edmonton typically expect Peking ducks to be ordered in advance.

Food was pretty consistent – dishes started flying out shortly after we ordered. Most of them were very well prepared and tasty, others were good but not great. Prices were reasonable considering the generous portions. I honestly think the best way is to order a set menu and add on to the menu for more bang for your buck.

Service was choppy that evening. The lady who served us initially was great – super patient and made great recommendations without up-selling us. However, she got super busy and we didn’t see her till we went up to pay. The other server that we ended up dealing with was quite rude and had attitude especially when we made her pack up our leftovers. Not impressed.

One thing I could not believe was that the pea sprout dish was $18.95! I thought I must have gotten it wrong but got my friend to translate the receipt and yep… it was $18.95.  We did get 20% off our final bill (they never did say why but I am not gonna complain).



Dynasty Century Palace

200 – 9700 105 Ave NW
Edmonton, AB
T5H 4J1

(780) 428 3388

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