Shanghai Grill – Edmonton, AB (Canada)

Out and about w cousin JC. I love going back to Edmonton and hanging out with family and friends, trying out places I have never been or would not think to try it. This was one of the places, Shanghai Grill. It was situated in some random industrial area and looked quite deserted.

Large nice restaurant, great for gatherings or even a quick lunch.

Menu is very extensive, pages and pages of everything protein, vegetable, noodles, rice, dessert options:

We ordered:

Fried Green Bean in XO sauce $12.95

Best dish of the day! Who knew that vegetables will be our favourite but it was lightly fried, maintaining a nice crunch (not raw). Tossed in a pungent salty shrimpy XO sauce. Excellent dish.

Shanghai Fried Noodles $11.95

Pretty standard but well prepared dish. Chewy noodles stirfry with sweet salty oyster sauce of some kind. It was good noodle/rice dish for sharing.

Stewed Ox Tail in Hot Pot $16.95

J was excited about us trying this dish. I can’t say I was crazy about it. I expected the ox tail to be more tender but it was quite tough and hard to eat. That said, it was really packful with flavour – sweet, salty and vinegary with a hint of chinese spices. The sauce was great with rice.

Shanghai Dumplings (Shanghai Style Juicy Pork buns in Menu) $8.99

Decent dumplings. The skin was not as delicate as a good shanghai dumpling should be, a little on the thick and gummy side. That said, the filling was great! Very juicy and well seasoned minced meat with lots of “soup” as a good shanghai dumpling should be. The juices were rich, fatty, but not greasy.

Stick Rice Shao Mai $4.95

I was not sure what to expect since it is a rice dumpling. An interesting experiment but I was not a fan. A thick dumpling skin (very much like the Shanghai dumpling but thicker), wrapped around a ball of savoury sticky rice. The sticky rice was simply seasoning with some soy, bits of chinese sausage and probably other chinese spices but it was still a tad bland.

Fried Slice Roll $3.95

So simple yet so good. Deep fried chinese sweet bun, super crispy on the outside and soft fluffy centre. The bun did not absorb any grease from the deep fryer other than what is on the exterior. Served with sweet condensed milk~ Yummm



Total Damage: $80 (including tax and tip)

Personal Rating: 3 out of 5 (Pretty Good)

The most middle of nowhere restaurant that did not make sense. The food was definitely good. Prices were pretty standard for Chinese food in Edmonton and decent portions. We enjoyed most of the dishes for the most part.

Service was good – it was a nice gentleman who seemed like he runs the joint. They got our orders, served our food and got us our bill when we needed it. Very gracious and patient when we were ordering. What’s not to like?



Shanghai Grill

16336 – 111 Ave
Edmonton, AB
T5M 4E8

(780) 930 1828

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