Christmas Dinner at B & B.

Merry Christmas from Edmonton!!!!

Meep and I are in Edmonton for Christmas this year. It has been a few years since we had a white Christmas back home in Edmonton and even with the -16F/-26 C weather, it was still a great time. Christmas eve was spent at B&B’s home (aka Heather’s in laws)~ The house was all decked out in Christmas decor, lotsa lights and shiny things. On top of that, one tree was not good enough for B&B, they had TWO!!!

My favourite was the Tiffany tree in the basement.

They hosted all of us and definitely had enough to feed an army! Let’s check out the feast:

Started off with a nice spread of cheese & pate, cocktail shrimp and chocolates:

I am so in love with these chocolates that look like mini macarons (and very appropriately filled with ganache). B1 called them mini hamburgers, I on the other hand like to think they look more like mini macarons (way classier, no?).

Lotsa drinks to go around. Heather and I having a glass of Proseco to start off the evening:

Dinner was a 22 lb turkey O_O!!! I hovered while B1 was carving that monster of a bird. We barely made a dent on the turkey but it was fabulous~

I didn’t take a picture of some of the sides *gasps*~ I got too excited about eating them especially the awesome mini cabbage rolls (only in Edmonton!) and whipped mash potatoes that Heather loves. The other sides were: Sweet potatoes, Home made stuffing, Gorgonzola Pear Salad, Steamed Broccoli and Dinner rolls.

Side Note: Heather just brought us some leftovers from dinner last night and lookie here:
Cabbage Rolls and Fluffy Mash!!! Man, those cabbage rolls are killer (will update when I get more information about where B1 orders it from)

Dessert was a feast on its own~ Tuxedo and Tiger cake from Save-on-Foods (my very first birthday cake from Meep was a Save-on-Cake and so this brings back warm fuzzy memories)!, Assorted sweets of tarts and nanaimo bars (very Canadian dessert of a coconut chocolate base with a custard icing topped with more chocolate) and an insane amount of fruits!!

Not to forget some excellent baked goods from Grandma K. I was told more than a couple times what these were but for the life of me, could not remember it.

Then there were presents for the special ladies : MIL, B2 and Grandma K. I have to say, Nothing tops the tickets to Oprah Winfrey show in Edmonton from B1 to the B2 and MIL! Nicely done!!! I would kill to get my hands on those tickets myself.


Christmas just keeps getting better at this point! Next up is gonna be dinner at home on Christmas Day!!! Till then~

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4 Responses to “Christmas Dinner at B & B.”

  1. S says:

    The cabbage rolls are from Sandy’s Foods:

  2. H says:

    The baked goods by Grandma K are called ‘cuffles’. Cinnamony bread with an apple filling. Also, it’s weird that you refer to me as ‘Heather’ and not SIL in this post! Haha. Good times & good eats! Love B squared!

  3. Eddangel says:

    Youngest SIL no longer applies since u co own this blog now but ur favourite S is still “s”!!

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