Housewife’s Tale Episode 42

Sunday – Experimented on cooking fish curry. Mom explained the directions over the phone to me. Seemed simple enough but the result was not as good as mom’s.


I know this looks gross but the fish head was so cool looking~



Monday – Cornbeef and egg over rice. 🙂



Tuesday – Meepy for a tomato cream meat sauce fetuccine.


While I made myself some Jollibee aka Filipino spaghetti!!! Nothing like an asian spaghetti with hot dogs and banana sauce in the mix, to make me feel right at home~




Wednesday – Ginger wine pork. I love this over white rice.


Okra/lady’s fingers for me and broccoli n mushrooms for me



Thursday – B & N landed in SFO at 10 am. We spent the whole day at Fisherman’s Wharf and Pier 39. We had some In N Out~ Nothing like some awesome burgers before all the tourist-y stuff.

After 7 hrs of walking, snacking, getting sunburnt, taking pictures; we headed back to SJ. Meep brought us to Crawfishaholic for dinner.


We got a whole array of seafood in cajun seasoning and garlic butter.


I was not a big fan of the crab (they tasted like they were frozen). And the sauce was a little salty. But the crowd favourite were the shrimps. They actually tasted fresh, so we ordered another lb of the shrimp in garlic butter


Look at the mess!




Friday –  We headed over to SF and Sausalito for the day. When we got to SF, we checked out the Exploratorium and was going to cab across the Golden Gate bridge to Sausalito. Out of impulse, we decided to walk 2.7km across the Golden Gate bridge instead.


The moment we started walking, my knees felt weak. You could feel the vibration of all the cars zooming pass the suspension bridge and the strong wind didn’t help.


The view from the bridge made the walk pretty worth it.

When we got to Sausalito, we were starving! I asked these two old gentlemen at the info booth what their favourite restaurants were; and they recommended these two restaurants next to the water. We picked Scoma’s.


Dinner at korean bbq was scheduled for 8 pm, so we just wanted a small snack. I figured, an appy and 2 entree to share would be a decent amount…. EXCEPT I did not count on the large portions!


We ate family-style. First we got the seafood appy platter with calamari, crab cakes & jumbo shrimps


The daily special – Pan roasted seabass with potato gratin and some puree


Lazy man’s cioppino. This was the dish that stole my heart. I didn’t have any expectations but when I tasted the first scallop, I died. Then I got to the shrimp, clams and chunks of fish… OMG, everything was fresh and cooked well.

When we got on the ferry then train back to SJ. We got back in time to meet everyone for dinner at Palace Korean Bbq.



Having a bbq buffet 3 hours after eating a full meal was a BAD idea! Stuffed…



Saturday – Meep drove us to Napa Valley. I forgot to look up where to eat when we got there (I disappointed myself), after wandering around for 10 minutes and getting a little grumpy, I picked Ristorante Allegria in Napa downtown.

Will write a full review soon but here is a little preview of what we had.


We had the beef carpaccio – delicious melt in your mouth meat…


Veal Scallopini – N ordered this~


Home made saffron pasta with wild mushrooms, artichoke, jumbo shrimp topped with lobster bisque.

When we got back to Napa Valley, we brought B & N to Great Mall and shopped for a couple hrs. It was past 9 by the time we were done, I have no idea what we should go eat so we all chose our default.

SUSHI at sushi infinity~



What a week. Not only did I overeat, I have the worse sunburn and overspent. oh well, it was pretty awesome tho!

Not much cooking at all. Now i should get back to my normal routine (until C comes in ten days!)

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