Hi all!

Is it really 2013?! 2012 has been spectacular – got a job, dined all about town constantly and had a handful of great trips as well. I was going to do a short recap of my favourite moments of  each month in 2012 but the entry became a little too extensive so I am just going to post random moments over 2012!

Celebrating the new job splurging at The Village Pub

Best Japanese meal we have ever had in San Diego

San Diego Zoo

Food Scavenger Hunt w A

Visiting Meep’s Grandparents’ old corner store

Microwaved Pork Cackling moment in Regina

Bestie’s wedding

Saw Boyz II Men

Napa trip on a limo~

Les Mis in SF!

Disneyland w the youngest SIL, her favourite S and my PILs

My very first 5K run

Bachelorette weekend in Vegas

CP & N’s wedding

Scored BOM tickets!

Winning best decorated cube! Inspired by the movie ELF

Christmas with Stilts


Now on to the mandatory moment of reflection. At this point in my life, things are pretty much going exactly as how Meep and I have planned (cept for a few challenges life throws at us, more towards those close to us than ourselves personally). We spent a lot of quality time with family and friends, traveled, celebrated, ate, laugh, cried and lived everyday to the fullest (except for random weekends where we just did absolutely nothing, which is acceptable no?)

I have never been more content about the whole “work/life” balance that I have seem to established alongside with working towards our goals that we have set for 2012.

2013 we hope will be just as fabulous if not better. And my wish for 2013 is for those close to us going through some challenges to overcome them with strength and optimism. It can only get better from here. *loves*

Here is to 2013! Happy New Year everyone!!!

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