Tropika (South) – Edmonton, AB (Canada)

Since the time  I lived in Edmonton over half a decade ago, Tropika was a popular dining spot. Back then, being a poor student it was more of a special occasion spot and not an every day place. I was happy to know they are still operating well and the food is just as good.  I didn’t enjoy my experience at the West location much but let’ s see how the South Location did. Other experience here.

Met up with a good friend/ex-boss from back in the days for lunch. We tried to go to another restaurant but they closed at 2.30pm. Luckily for us, Tropika is right next door and stays open all day. The menu is the same for the West and South Locations. Menu is very extensive, with choices of meat, poultry, vegetable, seafood, rice, noodles and sides. Not to forget a nice array of authentic desserts as well. For first timers, there are nice combination dinners that will introduce a range of local Malaysian favourites, which I think is brilliant.

We ordered:

2 orders Roti Canai @ $4.50 each

Pretty good roti, it was not crispy but did have nice distinct layers of soft sweet dough. Great by itself or with the sauces from our curry dishes. I didn’t care much for the runny curry sauce that it is served with.

Tropika Home Style Chicken $14

This is one under-rated dish. I love fried chicken of all kinds and this is no exception. It doesn’t look like much and might seem burnt to some but the chicken was perfect – marinated in a sweet salty concoction and deep fried to perfection. The chicken was moist and tender in the center with nice crispy skin. Not battered like North American fried chicken but delish! Served with crispy rice crackers.

Coconut Curry Prawns $18

The dish did not look very appealing since it looked like coagulated coconut cream cooked in high heat and citrus but it tasted just fine! Unlike all the super rich coconut curry bases, this was not as heavily spiced. Big prawns cooked really well in a sweet, coconut curry sauce with peppers and onions. The texture of the shrimp was definitely frozen shrimp but it tasted fine~

Lamb Curry $14

My favourite dish, that we order in both locations. The difference is, the spices and salt level at this location was spot on. The sauce was a little spicy, pungent from the curry spices and thickened with coconut milk. The lamb was super tender with chunks of melt in your mouth fat. Very tasty!


2 orders of Hainanese Rice $3 each

I am all about hainanese rice – cooked with screwpine (pandan), coconut milk, some ginger/garlic. Tasty!



Total Damage: ~$65 (including tax, no tip). Thanks AS for lunch!!!

Personal Rating: 3.5 out of 5 (Very good)

The dishes were just as I expected. Right amount of spice and seasoning and not extremely salty like the other location. Service was decent, a little slow in the beginning but pretty consistent throughout the meal. Prices are a little steep for South East Asian food but pretty expected for Edmonton, since this is a more specialty cuisine.

For what you get in Edmonton, it is decent value for money if you want a place to try something different on a night out. Typically runs about $20 – $30 per person to be reasonably stuffed (lunch or dinner).




6004 104 Street NW
Edmoton, Alberta
T6H 2K3

(780) 439 6699

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