Cha for Tea Palace – Edmonton, AB (Canada)

As we continued to meet up with friends in Edmonton, that meant more lunches and dinners. After our last not so great experience for dim sum in Edmonton at Chinatown, I was a little skeptical bout any more dim sum meal. Cha For Tea Palace was a suggestion by J, and I did hear some good things about this place. In addition to that, we did dine here for a banquet dinner once upon a time and we thought it was pretty good!

It was considerably busy for a 1 pm on a Tuesday. Dim Sum is ordered through a picture menu:

We ordered:

Shrimp Rice Roll $4.50

Decent rice rolls, the rice roll was fairly thin with a good amount of whole shrimps. Topped with a sweet salty soy sauce.

Shrimp Spring Rolls $4.50

I was surprised at how much I enjoyed these. The spring rolls were very very crispy with a nice thin layer of shrimp paste in the middle. Served hot so it stayed crispy for a while.

2 orders Minced Pork & Shrimp Dumpling/Siu Mai $4.25

Siu Mais were decent – Shrimpy minced pork. Not great but fairly tasty.

Imperial Shrimp Dumpling Har Gow $4.50

I was impressed at how delicate the skin was for the hargow but was not crazy bout the filling. The shrimp was more pasty than nice chunks of shrimp. But seasoned nicely~

Black Bean Pork Ribs $4.25

There was not much to this dish, lots of fatty and boney pieces. I wished they served a nicer portion but it tasted good. Greasy, a little pungent from black bean and garlic. I liked it.

Scallop w Shrimp Dumpling $5.25

One of my favourite dishes, wrapped with a skin that is soft and not super thick. Really fresh tasting shrimp and topped with a nice chunk of scallop. Very light compared to the other dumplings.

Beef Tripe $4.25

I can’t say much bout tripe but it tasted like how it is suppose to – lightly seasoned and crunchy.

Sticky Rice $6.95

The flavours of the sticky rice was pretty light and not overwhelming from the lotus leaves. I was a little disappointed that the rice didn’t actually stick together and fell apart everytime we tried to pick it up. But the meat was saucy and it all tasted good.

Steamed Bun w Cream & Butter $4.25

We actually wanted to order the Salted Egg Yolk Cream Bun but they were out of it, so we ordered the Steam Bun with cream & butter. The bun was nice and soft with a buttery creamy custard filling. I really liked it.

Deep Fried Sesame Seed Balls $4.25

Not my favourite – instead of the usual red bean, this was filled with a mung bean pasted. The filling was dry and chalky. The mochi was not bad, soft with crispy sesame seed crust.


Coke $2.50
Teas $1.25 each; $3.25



Total Damage: $60.32 (with tax, no tip)

Personal Rating: 3.5 out of 5 (Very good)

The dim sum was pretty pricey and I can’t believe they charge $1.25 for tea! The quality of the dishes were pretty good but I could not get over paying $4.25 for an order of siu mai. That said, dim sum has always been a tad pricey in Edmonton so I was able to let it go eventually.

Service was decent for a chinese establishment, but a few dishes we wanted were not available. I would think weekends would be better but at least there was no crowd and every dish was prepared individually instead of being pushed around in a cart.



Cha for Tea Palace

17512 Stony Plain Rd NW
Edmonton, Alberta
T5S 1A1

(780) 443 2831

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