Nello’s Restaurant – Edmonton, AB (Canada)

For one of the reunion dinners with old friends, I suggested Italian since anyone can find something they like in an Italian restaurant. It a quiet Sunday evening and for some reason, we could not seem to get reservations anywhere but Nello’s. I am so out of touch with the Edmonton dining scene, I was up for trying anything.

The restaurant is pretty big and is great for accommodating large groups~

Menu is fairly extensive; lots of appetizers, salads, meat, poultry, seafood and pasta dishes.

Since we were such a large group, three of us shared a couple appetizers and an entree each.

Mussels ~$25

I can’t remember how much the mussels were because this was a special that seems to be always available but not on the menu. The sauce the mussels was cooked in was so salty. We definitely made good use of the bread to even out the salt a little. The portion was so large that it is perfect to share for about 4 diners as an appetiser.

Calamari $15.99

Way overcrusted that the calamari was crunchy. It should be crispy but not crunchy. Seasoning of the calamari was fine but I could not get over how hard it was to eat. The lemony aioli it was served it was the saving grace – rich, creamy and citrusy.

Gnocchi in a house Gigi sauce $14.99

The gnocchi is simple potato dumpling served in any sauce. Meep always orders gnocchi if it is on the menu. This time around was no different. We thought the gnocchi was gummy and not very good at all. The gigi sauce was suppose to be creamy tomato sauce – turned out salty and one dimensional and lacking in the tomato element. Our server never came back to check on the food and no one was around offering cheese/pepper.

Spaghetti Bolognese $16.99

Spaghetti is a meat sauce that is a classic. However, we were not impressed with the salty one dimensional sauce. It was just pretty much tomatoes and meat, lacking the typically richness of a meat sauce. Adding cheese did nothing other than make it saltier.



Total Damage: ~$ 30 – 50 per person (sharing an appetizer, full entree and a drink)

Personal Rating: 2.5 out of 5 (Average)

I have to say, I was a tad disappointed as a whole. Nothing of the dishes were terrible and everything was average/decent but all the pasta dishes were oversalted, maybe a bad day for whoever prepared the tomato sauce. I was quite upset that the bolognese was not up to par.

The portions were ridiculous and we all had more than 1/2 left on the plate! I honestly would have preferred a reduction in price and smaller portions. The place is not cheap for Italian but it is marketed as fine Italian Dining. However, the quality of the meal did not reflect that.

Service was pretty absent – there was no check back on how the food was. I thought for what we ended up paying, the quality of the dishes and experience was a little underwhelming.



Nello’s Restaurant

2920 Calgary Trail
Edmonton, Alberta
T6J 7C2

(780) 988 6699

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