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I decided to write a quick post about our Dine About Town experience at Nombe before this ends. Although unlike most of the Dine About Town offers, this is a Kaiseki menu that is offered at any other time as well – for $7 more. Not that much of a steal but a great reason to check out a place we have never been to. The sign of the restaurant is kind of hard to see from afar especially at night:

The decor cracked us up because it looked just like a diner from the outside. When we were talking bout this, our server overheard us and explained that this spot started as a diner, then a taqueria and finally a Japanese restaurant.

Here are the menus offered when we went. DAT Kaiseki menu (also offered after DAT):

Regular menu:

We all ordered the DAT kaiseki and this is what we had:


Uni Flan, Shimeji Mushrooms and Shiso

Meh… I didn’t care much for the flan. It was served cold but was a little dense and gummy – like a dense jello with a slight uni aftertaste. I did really enjoy the mushrooms that are cooked in a savoury light sauce.


Today’s sashimi – Salmon

This was quite disappointing because we expected more for the special sashimi. All the pieces that was served on the table was of random sizes. This was the best one, while another diner’s sashimi was so badly cut that it was thick and thin on different parts.



Super silky egg custard topped with shiitake mushrooms. Simple but great dish.


Smoked Beef Tongue

One of the favourite dishes of the night – I wish it had something else other than a slab of meat because I needed something to mix with this soft, tender, sweet-salty beef tongue. It was so tender considering how tongue is usually a little tough. It just needed a salad, rice or something to go with the meat and the glazed.


Beets Salad

I am not a huge fan of beets but for those who are – this is probably not a bad dish. Simply prepared beets with sweet reduction and crispy tempura bits


Oxtail Donburi

Best dish of the night – the egg was amazing! Barely soft poached with wiggly egg whites and thick runny egg yolk. The oxtail was braised and tasted just like the beef tongue – sweet, salty and tender. When everything was mixed in with the rice – it was delish!!


Flourless Chocolate Cake & Stout Beer Ice Cream

Nice way to end the meal. The chocolate cake was rich and moist without being overly sweet, while the beer ice cream was creamy but not super rich or alcoholic. You can definitely taste the alcohol but it went really well with the rich dark chocolate cake.



Mexican Coke $3
Sayuri Jumai Nigori (Unfiltered sake) $15



Total Damage: $311.66 (including tax and tip)

Personal Rating: 3 out of 5 (Good)

The server was great. Food took a while but the kitchen made sure we were not waiting painfully – we were served a complimentary dish of Taro chips with edamame hummus, which we all really enjoyed.

The meal had its up and downs. For the most part, we all enjoyed the food.




2491 Mission Street
San Francisco, CA 94110

(415) 681 7150

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