Sullivan’s Steakhouse, Seattle, WA

S had an amazing week at work, so we wanted to go out and celebrate. We decided to go to Sullivan’s Steakhouse, in hopes for a lovely evening.

Take a look at what we dined on:

Complimentary Warm Bread

Bread should always be served warm in my opinion. I generally don’t like bread, but it’s definitely more enticing when it’s served warm. This loaf was a little too crusty for my liking, but props for the temperature and the whipped butter. Isn’t it the worst when your bread is served cold, accompanied with rock hard butter? Yes.

Crab Cake

This crab cake was pretty good! There was barely any filler – except for a few crunchy celery bits, otherwise it was ALL crab. Just the way I like it!

Ceasar Salad

Our entree’s came with salads. S had the ceasar and quite enjoyed it.

Wedge Salad

I had the wedge and it was delicious. S really liked it as well!

Bone In 22 0z Ribeye with Gorgonzola Butter on the Side

S had the 22 oz “Cowboy Cut” ribeye, and really liked it. It was ‘wet aged’ and was super juicy and tasty.

The 26 oz Long Bone In Ribeye Special, Oscar Style

I opted for the special, which was the 26 oz LONG bone in ribeye! Look at that thing!! Flintstone style!! Then I made it oscar style – with bernaise and crab on top. I am not sure if I would make this steak oscar style again because the steak itself was so tasty, but hey, more crab never hurt anyone, right? My steak was ‘dry aged’ – just the way I like it. S preferred his steak, and I preferred mine. We would both happily eat each other’s again though.

Horseradish Mashed Potatoes

The horseradish mashed potatoes were great. Not too overwhelming of a horseradish taste, but enough to recognize the horseradish and have it compliment our steaks. S really liked this!

Creamed Spinach

I love creamed spinach and this one was no exception. It was wonderfully creamy, but not so creamy that you could not taste the spinach. I would definitely order this again.

Coconut Cream Pie

There’s always room for dessert! Yes, even after ordering 2 sides alongside my 26 oz ribeye. I saved room for this dessert and couldn’t be happier about that choice (plus I have a delicious steak and eggs breakfast to look forward to now!). This is one of the best desserts I have had in Seattle. I love coconut and everything about it was so great. We don’t usually take home food, but we definitely took home the remains of our steak, sides, and even this wonderful little treat.

The Damage

Total Damage: $182.87 (with tax, no tip)

Personal Rating: 4 out of 5 (Great!)

Such a great evening, with great food and a perfect way to celebrate S’s past years accomplishments. The service was pretty good, and the food was great. The dishes weren’t anything extraordinary or creative, just classic and delicious. My steak was slightly charcoaled, moreso than I would have liked, but still tasty.

We thought it was pretty good value, and would come back again.



Sullivan’s Steakhouse

621 Union Street
Seattle, WA 98101

(206) 494 4442

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