Out and About in Austin, Texas!

Hey all! It has been eons since I last posted and I have no excuse… actually work/life just got the better of me and I can’t seem to sit down for a good couple hours to put together a post or two.  That said, I just got back from a weekend in Austin, Texas and I could not wait to share a little recap of the food adventures.

I have to say, I was extremely surprised at how much fun Austin was – not because we were there for a Bachelorette but the people, the food and the city itself was just a good time!  We left SFO at bout 1 pm, and with the stopover in Houston and a little delay, we didn’t get to our hotel till past 9:30 pm.

We got ready for a night out on Sixth Street, and conveniently there were a lot of food trucks around.

One that we stumbled upon, serving Korean style tacos, burritos and loaded fries – ChiLantro BBQ.  I heard about this amazing food truck from a friend who just got back from Austin and didn’t even realise it was the same truck!

Day 2
We were out and about till 3 am but managed to get up at 9 am, hoping to get some Franklin BBQ action – got to Franklin’s at 10 am (1 hour before it opens), and was told the estimated time before we eat (if they don’t run out) is about 3.5 hours. As dedicated as I am to trying out the “Best BBQ” in Austin, I do not want to spend 3.5 hours waiting.

We did pick up some breakfast tacos from Juan in a Million, hoping to tide over the hunger while we waited – but lost patience and headed off the Rudy’s.  We tried about half the menu, but honestly it was too early for BBQ (personally).

After lunch, we roamed the University of Texas campus and stopped for some sweet treats at Campus Candy Yogurt Bar.  We meant to make a quick stop but was fascinated by all the candy/froyo options! I got 6 varieties of malt balls and clodhoppers (which I only find in Canada!!!) *loves*

And if this is not enough, we had to stop for some Boba/Bubble Tea at Cocos Cafe. but ended up being enticed by their extensive menu and ordered our second lunch in less than 3 hours!

Dinner that evening was at La Condensa.  I am now blown away by Tex Mex!!! Officially a fan and I don’t think I have ever ventured to any Tex Mex restaurants, and to be honest – I probably won’t know the difference between Tex Mex and Mexican… *eeps*

The table next to ours order a whole suckling pig!! I was suffering from intense food envy and was asked if I wanted to try some – but declined. lol

Another long night, but this time around 4th street before we head back and crashed.

Day 3
The next day was way more low key and a lot more manageable.  Started off with breakfast at Juan in a Million before heading off to the spa.  Another amazing Tex Mex meal!!! *sigh* I can’t wait to write up the detailed food reviews but here is a sneak peak.

We went to Viva Day Spa, and I got to say – this was the best idea ever!!! (especially after two long nights)

Our last dinner was at Eddie V’s.  Heard bout Eddie V’s from our awesome cab driver upon our arrival to Austin.  He was a retired well dress gentleman in french cuff shirts and a little white cap.  Super cute!!!  He was super sweet and gave us a mini history lesson and random tips one would get out of a guidebook.  Since we wanted to try a range of food Austin has to offer – why not seafood right?  I don’t have the pictures from this dinner on my phone, so that will have to wait for the full review posting.

This is an abrupt end to the post but I am getting sleepy and all these food pictures are making me hungry.  All I got to say is – Check out Austin when you get the chance coz it is nothing like what you would expect.  At least it was nothing I expected!  My post might be all about the food – but the city itself has so much character that I didn’t manage to capture. <3

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