Housewife’s Tale Episode 43

What a week! Well, not as intense as the week before; uneventful but a good busy week. The week started off w a bang (literally): It was July 4th, Meep and I dropped B & N at SFO, and when we were on the way; one of the front tyres blew up!

We ended up being stranded on the highway but thank god for AAA. They were efficient and we were back on the road w the spare (which they had to fill up) in bout half hr.

As for the food part:

Sunday – We ended up missing the bbq at Los Gatos; and picked up food at Jollibee in the giant mall in San Bruno.


Love love this stuff! Yes… I ate that all except one piece of chicken.

For dinner, just a quick kimchi cod roe udon. I added some mayo this time to see if it would make it creamier. 🙂




Monday – Long weekend!!! Meep was being extra accomodating this week (pretty awesome!). We ended up doing my favourite activity (grocery shopping!)- headed to Seafood City.

And of course, we could not resist some Chowking fried chicken and Goldilocks Pan de Leche.


I was also excited bout trying out this fish soup recipe Elaine gave me on FB. Her hubby was telling me about it when he knew bout my experiment with the fish head curry.

This soup was crazy simple and turned out awesome!




Tuesday – Trips to Seafood City always means fish for dinner. I can’t seem to convince Meep to eat his fish any other way other than steamed or grilled! I got to find other ways to steam fish, this is getting a little old (even for me).


Pick up some peas. 🙂 One little packet of this costs more than the fish! LOL


I went all out today! I also prepared some braised pork belly… Meep never leaves enough food for his lunch when I prepare fish. So this makes for more protein and lunch~




Wednesday – I still had leftover pork belly in the fridge, so I didn’t want to prepare too much. I went for the quickie favourite – Kimchi Fried Rice!




Thursday – I am seriously running out of simple dishes to cook. I ended up just plain roasting chicken legs w some herbs, garlic and lemon. Served with mash potatoes and peas. Turned out pretty good for a simple last minute dinner.



Friday – I didn’t take any pictures of what I cooked. *gasps* Well, actually all we had were chicken nuggets and hot wings. It came frozen so I am a little embarrassed, to say the least. lol



Saturday – Meep invited N & M over for dinner. M just moved over from Japan! I was pretty excited since I have not seen her in years and we missed their wedding in May.

I know from N that she likes simple dishes and FISH! Meep and I managed to get some pretty fresh Mackerel from Dai Thanh. So I grilled some fish, lemongrass chicken, veggie with fresh chinese mushrooms and watercress soup~ Nothing beats old school home cooked food.




Pretty good week that seem to fly by. I am getting closer and closer to 52 weeks of housewife-y business. 🙂

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