Roaming around Macau

Happy New Year!!!  I figured I will start the year with some summary posts of our travels during December. Meeps and I took a 3.5 week vacation and stopped in a few places.  We started off with Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, Brunei, Malaysia then back to Singapore and then back to reality.  Other than Brunei (home sweet home), Macau was another highlight of our vacation.  Here is a little recap~

When we got to Macau, it was raining cats and dogs.  Although the weather was miserable, it was not hard to notice the charm this place has.  Other than the grand casinos, every other part was very quaint with a historic charm.

We started off with trying to find a restaurant near Sofitel where T was staying.  After getting quite lost and desperate, we just walked into a random restaurant.  To my surprise, CP (Macau native) told me that we wandered into one of the oldest/popular Portuguese restaurants in Macau – Fat Siu Lau.  The best part of our meal was the Signature Roast Pigeon and African Chicken.

We then stumbled into a little bakery that caught my attention – they were making almond cookies and gracious enough to let us sample warm cookies straight from the oven.  Of course, it was a great tactic coz we ended up trying a variety of Asian style jerkies and cookies and bought 7 kgs worth!

No visit is complete without roaming around the Historic Centre. It was nothing like what I expected – lots of shopping, beautiful historic churches and buildings.  You can definitely see the Portuguese influence in the architecture.  We wandered and found Ruins of St. Paul’s.  It was pretty spooky during the night.  We also snacked on Portuguese Egg Tarts and Pork Chop buns while strolling.

Of course, no evening ends without a food hunt.  I have been hearing a lot about crab congee in Macau and CP gave me two spots to try out. One of them was Luk Kee.  We got a little lost, and walked through some sketch alley ways but eventually made it.


Day 2 was a lot less exciting but the family was just glad to be sheltered and not drenched.  We walked around the Sheraton and Venetian.  Started off with relatively tasty and reasonably priced dim sum at the Yum Cha at Sheraton Hotel.

Then we took my mom on the gondola ride coz we thought it would be cute and it was!

Then a trip to an ice exhibition~

We ended our day with a short visit to Taipa Village.  I wished we had gotten there earlier coz there was a lot of food around the area~ We wandered into another Seafood Crab Congee restaurant since the original restaurant we wanted to check out was closed for renovations.

Seng Cheong Restaurant served us the better version crab congee, best crab noodles and best deep fried frog legs. I loved everything bout the place!

This marked the end of our Macau trip, we headed back to HK the very next morning.  That is another series of posts to come when I finish sorting out the pictures. Till then!

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