Housewife’s Tale episode 45

Another week, more food, more adventures! This week started off kinda good and bad (Good because it was my birthday on Monday; bad because I started getting symptoms of a cold) so yes… now I am sniffling away and feeling miserable.

I didn’t cook as much as usual. Actually I didn’t cook much at all the past 3 weeks!!! All that eating out and hanging out with friends have made Edda a really really lazy housewife.

Now to the menu of the week:


Sunday – Pho and some kind of beef noodles from Pho Kim Long.


The past few visits to PKL, I kept noticing the following dish on random tables and it totally intrigue me. I remembered Loi ordering a similar noodles many many years ago and it looked soooo good but I never remembered to ask him what those noodles were. So for 2 hours, I was reading up on Vietnamese noodles so that I could order it when we got to PKL. It was still unclear to me, but I winged it and ordered the following noodles and it came out right!!!!



After dinner, we got me some desserts from HELLO Desserts. I was craving the sweet red bean dessert (which we got for take out), but ended up eating the following Willow Dew on the spot. I thought it would be more soupy like this mango dessert I had in London and at Chris’ Aunt’s place in Vancouver. But it was blended creamy icy goodness. It is pretty darn good!




Monday – Went to Junnoon for dinner to celebrate me turning 26! yup, I m no longer a young-in. *sigh* The next few dishes were my favourites for the night:

Garlic Chicken Tikka


Lamb Rogan Josh (sp?)


Orange & Date Pasties with vanilla bean gelato – the orange and date combination ended up tasting like red bean, which was kinda odd but kinda awesome.


Full review here.

Happy Birthday to me!!!

DSCF6718Isn’t my bday cake awesome? ^_^



Tuesday – I didn’t feel like cooking so I pulled out some pasta sauce I froze a while back… Heat up, toss w fettucine and some Romano cheese. All done!




Wednesday – Feeling under the weather and not getting any better, AND I needed some noodle soup desperately! I was craving ramen for the longest time (and I don’t even like ramen, odd but true). So A picked me up and off to Orenchi!!


Orenchi Salad (i believe that is what it was called, but pretty much some house dressing, chicken, noodle bits, romaine lettuce and tomatoes)


Orenchi Ramen! tee hee… I guess when you don’t know what to order, always order the items named after the restaurant. It HAS to be good and IT WAS! I am now a ramen believer. Maybe I never ordered the right ramen in Vancouver… I normally opt for the Miso ramen because I don’t know what is good. This time I got the pork broth and it was delicious!!! The noodles didn’t get soggy over time and even at the last bite, it was chewy and good.



Thursday – Black bean spare ribs. One of Meep’s favourite dish~ Quick and easy!




Friday – Meep and I went dress shopping!! I have been putting off wedding dress shopping for over 6 months and now it is time! I went w M on Thursday, picked a few I liked.. Then Meep and I went back so he could choose a favourite. I still remain undecided tho!!!

After that, we wanted pho but it seemed a little late so we decided on Burgers. On the way to In & Out, Meep pointed out KFC. and since we haven’t had KFC in a while – why not!


The only burger on their menu – chicken, bacon and cheese. wasn’t great. Meep got their special double down.. which turned out to be two chicken patties w bacon and cheese in the middle AND NO BUN! It was kinda weird but good.


2 piece chicken for me. ๐Ÿ™‚ I just had to have chicken…


Meep also got 2 beef tacos. Yes… we knew it was a lot of food but I wanted chicken and a burger and a bite of his taco. ๐Ÿ˜›



Saturday – Meep mentioned that I have not cooking kimchi anything in a while so to satisfy him…. Kimchi fried rice~




More dress shopping on Sunday and a lot of studying. Till next week peeps!

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