Housewife’s Tale episode 46

week 46! I am getting closer and closer to the 1 yr mark~ It is slightly unsettling how quickly I have adapted to this “housewife” lifestyle. I do not plan to get stuck in this rut and not be used to being a working individual *crosses fingers*

Other than these slightly depressing thoughts, I found THE DRESS! Meep brought me to another store and they had soooo many beautiful dresses, and I found it! ^_^

After over an hr trying on dresses and discussing little details, we went to the Oakridge Westfield mall~

Sunday – Got this from the food court. I love how such a quick simple dish taste sooo good!

Teriyaki chicken cooked on the flat top w some mushrooms and veg over rice.


For dinner – I was craving sweet and sour chicken over rice, Meep on the other hand didn’t feel like sweet and sour so he got….

Taiwanese style salt and pepper chicken!


My sweet and sour


and some quick bakchoy w garlic (i forgot a picture, :P)

That was a lot of chicken in one day (lunch and dinner); a sign that my fridge is running low on ingredients!!! PANIC!!!!



Monday – I went out w my awesome granny cart and picked up lotsa fresh produce! My fridge was looking a little dismal and it was time to fill it up. I got all kinds of good eats! Wonton wraps, egg noodles, all kinds of mushrooms, veggies. I was pretty excited bout cooking dinner again (I was quite uninspired for weeks now)

Meep actually went out for dinner w DK to talk bout work. So I didn’t cook till about midnight (when I got hungry). Made some wontons w loh mein~




Tuesday – Meep wanted wontons w loh mein (since he didn’t get it for dinner on Tuesday), and I went for wonton noodle soup~

I love home made wontons! ^_^ I go for less meat in each wonton coz I just love eating the skin as a form of silky noodles. I remember my auntie used to put extra pieces of skin into my wonton soup for me~




Wednesday – Meeps mentioned that I haven’t made kimchi anything in a while~ so to make up for the lack of korean dishes this month; we had kimchi stew!


and beef bulgogi~


I have been looking for pea sprouts but could not find any – got pea shoots instead! (which I am now officially addicted to!)



Thursday – Hainanese chicken rice! Only because Meep was craving it two days ago~



Friday – Miso glazed (more like marinated) salmon and pea shoots over short grain white rice. I was pretty disappointed at the lack of browning on my fish but I didn’t want to overcook it.

Can u tell how much I love the pea shoots? 3 days straight, prepared slightly differently and I am not sick of it yet! (and I do have 2 whole lbs of it. LOL)




Saturday – V hosted a wine tasting party. DK picked out 4 wines


and she paired them w lotsa cheese


My favourite was the mozarella with pancetta and basil (top right) AND the fresh mozarella balls in a herbed olive oil (below). I guess I am not a cheese person so the only ones I was drawn to were the light cheese flavoured in one way or another.


and also a simple steak dinner. She got some pretty awesome kobe style beef from the Japanese grocery store. I was surprised at how decent the price was ; about $50 for over 2 lbs (in comparison to the real thing that runs over $80/lb).


I don’t know the actual cut of meat but will keep u updated after I check them out at Mitsuwa~ This is still oh so tender!!!


and some yummy black forest cake Meep insisted on from Whole Foods


n finally V’s home made tiramisu.


What a good way to end the week~ 7 hrs of eating and laughing over 4 bottles of red wine. Pretty awesome and a little excessive (esp since only 4 of us were drinking).

Till next week!

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