Miso Glazed Salmon

Honestly, miso marinated salmon is probably a more accurate name but Miso Glazed sounds yummier! ^o^ Simple and delicious~



Here is what you need:

1 & 1/2 lb of salmon filets

2 – 3 tablespoon of miso (depending on whether you have the low sodium or regular miso)

2 tablespoons light soy sauce

3 tablespoons rice wine

1 tablespoon mirin

2 tablespoon light brown sugar

2 teaspoon sesame oil

1 tablespoon ginger juice (grate fresh ginger and squeeze juice)



Step 1 – mix marinade well with a fork/whisk

Step 2 – Coat salmon w the marinade


Let fish marinade in fridge (covered) for 2 – 4 hours

Step 3 – Set oven on broil at about 425F.

Step 4 – When fish is marinated, pan fry 1 – 2  minute for each side.

Step 5 – Transfer fish onto a baking sheet and broil in oven for about  5 minutes (check if fish flakes off, it is done)



1. Don’t leave too much miso on the fish when pan frying – it might burn. Just glaze the salmon before popping into oven if desired.

2. Sometimes I skip the pan frying and pop straight into the oven for about 15 – 18  mins (give or take, depends on salmon thickness so check after 12 minutes). It works just as well~



Served w lightly sauteed greens in garlic (and a dash of soy sauce) AND white rice~


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