Housewife’s Tale episode 50

2 more weeks to 1 year anniversary of the Housewife Tales!!! I should do something interesting for week 52. What? I don’t know yet but it will come to me. ^o^

Sunday – As usual, Sundays involved pigging out~ We got dimsum for lunch and a roast duck for dinner from Taipan bakery





Monday – I love this tomato sauce from Seasalt with Food; it has tomatoes, basil, chicken stock, some seasoning and finished off with butter.  I poached some shrimp in garlic and butter for Meep~


Meep finds it to plain but it has so much flavour and is refreshing in comparison to my usual meaty tomato sauces. I like it the way it is. 🙂



Tuesday – keeping up with my promise to do some real cooking, I made some Chicken Souvlaki, Hummus and Pita for dinner.


Here are the recipes:

Chicken Souvlaki





Wednesday – After having kalbi twice last week and paying an average of $17 for them, I figured it was time to make my own. I went out and picked up some beef short rib and marinated it in the standard kalbi marinade:


served with tofu mushroom soup and pea shoots




Thursday – made pasta stuffed with mushrooms, beef, onions and Romano cheese. I flavoured the minced beef with some fennel, chili flakes, pepper and seasoning salt to get the taste of hot italian sausages. 🙂


Baked the shells with leftover tomato sauce from Monday and topped them off with some mozzarella.


And for a late night snack – some Brunei style chicken kebabs with spicy mayo.


I actually had to call mom to ask her what was in them coz I forgot… I remembered the taste profile but could not figure out what veggies were in them.



Friday – I was craving fried chicken from 99 chicken since last week. So Meep brought me there and I pigged out! I ate 7 pieces of chicken with some salad, corn and a ice cold Beer~ YUMMMMM….


This is an older picture taken of a 5 pieces (multiply by 2 = our dinner). Meep wasn’t a big fan of the spicy sweet sauce so we got it plain with some salt and pepper.



Saturday – went out for the usual Vietnamese after Meep’s hockey game for a late lunch. Didn’t eat a proper dinner till 2 am, when Meep decided he wanted some protein. I think he was suffering from Burger withdrawal; since we have not had any burger in about 2 weeks now. 😛

So, I made him some homemade burger (i know.. it is more a sandwich) but I did make the patties (seasoned with garlic powder, onions, parsley, seasoning salt, pepper and some ketchup). Served with a sunny side up egg on top. BEST late night snack ever!



Pretty good week (if I do say so myself) – Till next week!!!

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