Housewife’s Tale episode 54

Pretty typical week; cooked, ate out, laze around and some grocery shopping in between~ week 54’s menu is pretty Asian, nothing fancy but quick easy simple dishes just because~


Sunday – On some day, I crave my version of comfort food. Comfort food to me is food that reminds me of home and that I have been cooking for the past 9 yrs. So I made ginger soy chicken w sauteed spinach n pea shoots over white rice. 🙂


Monday – Simple udon with a soft boiled egg and miso marinated chicken. ^_^ I made the soup with this mysterious mix that Meep got me when he was in Japan. I was surprised at how good it was, just a few tweaks and it is pretty darn authentic.


Meep was so surprised at how well everything went together than he declared this another new favourite. 🙂


Tuesday – More comfort food. Sweet and sour pork for me; black pepper beef especially for Meep who is not a fan of sweet and sour AND some spinach.


Wednesday – Went out all day shopping at Galleria (korean grocery store). I loaded up on all my usual necessities, preparing to cook a nice simple korean meal. Meep ended up calling me and asking if I felt like sushi. So, we ended up eating at Sushi Infinity~




Thursday – The korean dinner that I originally planned for Wednesday. I cooked some soondobu~


looks a little pale because I skimped on the chili flakes coz I can’t take too much spice. I think it makes the soup less “soondobu” like when it is so mild.

Also prepared a simple Hwe Dup Bap – sashimi on rice. A healthy and surprisingly tasty dish for so little ingredient. 🙂


I actually saw packages of tuna, halibut n salmon sashimi all cut up into little cubes for a decent price at the store but I am not a big fan of tuna, so I got salmon sashimi for the dish. Meep and I like to have our fish in big chunks so I barely cut it up.


Friday – Since the miso marinated chicken tasted so good in such a short marinating time, I prepared some for my one person meal. Meep is away so I have started my “eat healthy, shed 6 lbs” diet~ I picked up some asparagus from Safeway, popped them in the oven lightly seasoned; pan fry the chicken breasts and topped everything off w a soft boiled egg.


Simple and yet oh so tasty!


Saturday – Kimchi stew!! Had leftover stock from my “soondobu”. Quick 15 minute kimchi stew over some white rice. Another perfect 1 person meal. 🙂



That’s it for week 54. I reckon week 55 will have a lot of simple salads n instant food. I am just a lazy lazy human being when Meep is not around to cook for.

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