Chicken Experiment #?

A few weeks ago, after watching Ed on Top Chef Season 7 create a deconstructed Cordon Bleu; I have been wanting to try something similar. I had the basic chicken breasts, bacon, cheese. This should work right?

(Note: my plan is not to make any form of Cordon Bleu but to make stuffed chicken breast wrapped in bacon~)

Here goes nothing


I started prepping what I want to stuff in the chicken. I had some broccoli that NEEDS to be used, so I cut up the florets; add some mushroom then mix in the cheese.


Lotsa cheese to hold all the veggies together. I used Mozzarella,  milder cheese rather than the usual feta that I have used before.


Flatten the chicken breasts.



The next few steps, my hands were too greasy and dirty to take pictures of. But I laid the bacon, then chicken breasts on top of the bacon. Then the veggies in the middle before rolling..


All nice and tightly rolled in saran wrap. 🙂 It took quite a bit of effort trying to make sure it is roll tight so that the shape holds when I unwrap everything.

2 hours in the fridge later….


IT HELD! I was so excited when I unwrapped everything and the form held. I seared the bacon on every side then finished it in the oven.


YAY! nicely seared and browned from the oven. 🙂 I was so excited to cut it up…


It turned our beautiful!!!

Served with some mash potatoes; deglazed the pan w some stock and made a light jus for the dish~ The chicken was so moist because of the bacon fat protecting it from direct heat in the pan and oven. The bacon was salty n smoky so eventhough I barely seasoned the chicken, it was pretty flavourful. ^o^


Experiment success!!!

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