Housewife’s Tale episode 63

Happy Thanksgiving!!!! I was pretty busy all week running errands and buying food; everything turned out pretty good~


Sunday – Meep and I went to Lion’s supermarket. I have been meaning to head over and pick up some pork ribs because they have the “small” cut ones perfect for black bean spare ribs. We ended up buying a nice black pomphret as well.


Fried the fish, served with soy sauce and a side of garlic gai lan.



Monday – Got those pork ribs! =D We could eat this at least once a week without getting sick of them. yummmmmm




Tuesday – Bibimbap!!! I marinated pork belly and served it with the bibimbap rather than the usual meat slices or minced meat.




Wednesday – I can’t remember what we ate. *gasps* there was just wayyy too much food this week and I honestly can’t remember and there were no pictures in my camera. 🙁



Thursday – We celebrated Thanksgiving at V’s this year~ Pretty simple meal w the turkey and some sides. My job was to prepare the appetisers, so I made:

Devilled eggs: rather than the usual, last year I dressed it up with scallions and bacon. This year was pretty similar but I left out the scallions & added avocado~


Zuchinni sticks – I have always loved Whitespot’s zucchini sticks so I made it but not deep fried and oven baked instead.


Portobello mushroom sticks – total experiment that turned out pretty good.


Recipes to come~


DK prepared the turkey and V prepared the sides.




Friday – SK & A came over for our “Asian” thanksgiving. Instead of a turkey, we had chicken. I prepared some chicken rice and pork buns while SK prepared his galbi~ Way too much food for 4 but we ate till we could not move.




Meep and I then went for a drive and dessert. 🙂 What


Saturday – Went out to get some errands done~ It started pouring while we were out and Meep felt like ramen. Ramen is pretty awesome for rainy evenings. 🙂



Pretty good week! Way too much eating but it is Thanksgiving, what is Thanksgiving without overeating.

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