Gong Xi Fatt Chai

Happy Chinese New Year!

Chinese New Year doesn’t hold the same meaning here as it does in Brunei. I remember reunion dinners, lotsa gambling, lotsa food and everyone opens their homes to everyone else. Pretty awesome 15 days.

In Vancouver, Meep’s cousins would always very generously invite us over for CNY eve dinner with the family. This year is the first year without our close friends or families. So instead of going out for a chinese dinner, I decided to cook!

I had this whole menu planned out but realised that there is NO WAY we could finish the food. Even what we ended up with was wayyy too much!

We bought a whole roast duck and roast pork from Ranch 99



Then I cooked crispy pepper garlic prawns and steamed sea bass.





The next day, on the first day of CNY; we had dim sum w S&A. It was the first time we’ve ever been to the restaurant. It was not bad. We did not eat very much, i think it’s coz I was barely conscious. LOL





I will prolly post a full review another time. Did I mention it is also Valentines day on Chinese New Year. Meep kept telling me “Happy Chinese Valentine’s President’s New Year day” all day. It is also President’s day weekend here.

For dinner, I could not decide between Brazilian steakhouse in Palo Alto or Sushi Infinity across the street. Meep chose sushi as usual. I ended up with sushi because I was hungry and did not want to travel 20 plus mins…






Some days I think it’s sad that our lives revolve so much around food. We don’t really plan anything other than where we want to eat. We celebrate everything and anything by going out to eat. That’s why special occasions are awesome. Not coz of the gifts or anything but we get to justify splurging in nice restaurants.

So, here is to wishing everyone an awesome new year! I am looking forward to a year filled with love, food, travels and awesome memories with family and friends.

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