The Olive Bar – Campbell, CA

Stumbled upon this cute little store that sells olive oil in Campbell. It was perfect timing since I was there w a couple ladies who have been keen on doing some olive oil tasting in Napa, but this is way closer.

The moment I walked in the store, I could not wipe the smile of my face. There was so much to look at and the most interesting array of things.


Tables were filled with different gift baskets, oil dispensers, food trays, soaps and more.

There was also a shelf filled with different dips, tapenades and sea salts.

When I asked about the Tapenades, the lady who works there kindly took out a couple bottles for me to try. She opened up the Mushroom tapenade which was brand new and we both tried it and had quite a discussion about it. Nothing like the tapenade I have tried, then when we read the ingredient lable we noticed soy sauce!

The parmesan dip was pretty good as well, especially for people who like the cheese. I found it a little pungent but tasty. And there are sample sea salts as well.


The selection of olive oil is pretty amazing. With over a dozen selection and we were able to try every single one of them. Don (owner), is a sweet older gentleman. He told me that the oils came from all over and how they were flavoured (although I can’t remember the details). He is very passionate about everything in the store, which was a delight to see.


Most memorable oils were the:

Wild Roasted Garlic Olive Oil, which tasted pretty amazing especially with a mix of the traditional Balsamic.

White Truffle Oil, which reminded me of amazing truffle fries I had at Bottega.

The most interesting one I saw was the Tequila & Habanero Oil


There was also a good selection of different kinds of balsamics, which we were also allowed to try.

I appreciate the “suggestions” for oil and vinegar pairings.



The lady is just as passionate as the owner. She was genuinely excited when she talked about the oils and different pairings and was able to help my friend find the perfect oil & vinegar that suits her taste.

Oh if travelling, do let them know – they provided my friends with bubble wraps and they even bought extra bottles ($1.50 each) so they could split some of the oils.

I can’t rave about this little place any much longer. The oils are not cheap but they are not something you find just anywhere and they do last for a long time. A few drops or drizzle each time is more than enough because of the big flavours.

Olive Bar has been around for a short 4 years but I hope they stick around for much longer. 🙂 Check it out on the weekends when they have Don around, chat with him and you will fall in love with this place too.




The Olive Bar

232 E Campbell Ave
Campbell, CA 95008

(408) 370 1901

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