Happy Birthday!

Ok, this post is a little late. Just a little… This year, my birthday is a lot more eventful than the last. Not because last year’s birthday was bad, but this year was filled with way more stuff going on.

First of, on the weekend before my birthday Meep took us to Monterey. He has been talking about Monterey since I first moved to SJ… Initially he wanted to spend a night over at one of the hotels but it was only a 1.5 hr drive so I told him we should just have a nice drive home.

We got there at about noon ish, ready for our first reservation. Lunch at Old Fisherman’s Grotto. The service was great and food was just ok. We did however get a free appetiser because we booked it through Open Table and got a free dessert because we were celebrating my birthday. ^_^ Great view of the water, where we could watch kayakers, sea lions and yachts.

We were so stuffed from our supposed “light” lunch, that the 1.2 mile walk to the aquarium was much needed. We spent hours at the famous Monterey Bay Aquarium with lots and lots of fishies. Meep was very fascinated with the touch pools where he tried to touch a sting ray, then starfish, sea urchin, sea cucumber and more! It was like being in an aquarium with a big kid!

After the aquarium, we walked around the area, picked up coffee and took pictures.

Dinner reservations were made at Bistro Moulin so some French fare. We ate the fluffiest spinach gnocchi, amazingly flavourful duck confit, slightly disappointing seabass… but a very satisfying and quite romantic meal with a glass of refreshing Riesling.

We left Monterey at about 8.30 and made our way home. What a day!

On my actual birthday, Meep came home w flowers, and I picked up 4 slices of cake to make my own “cake” since I could not decide on what kind of cake to get. Check out the crayon candles! *loves*

Dinner was at Palace BBQ, where I got to pig out on all kinds of Korean marinated meat, pickled stuff and random cooked dishes. I was tryin to decide on where to go, but because we have had Seafood, French, then plans for Burmese and American – I figured why not Korean. So that is how we ended up at Palace BBQ.


My next Birthday meal was with Steve & Ange. Steve msged me about a celebratory dinner and we ended up making plans to grab some Food truck snacks after Meep’s hockey game and dinner at Burma Superstar. Ange mentioned grabbing a bday cake (a real one!) at Schuberts.

Funny enough, we did nothing we planned. We ended up having brunch at NOPA, which was a nice birthday treat from them (THANKS GUYS).

Then we were too full to even think about picking up cake… and the store closed at 6 pm, and we just lazed around at their place. As for dinner, we were talking about how I have never had garlic noodles and they said I HAVE to try some! So we ended up changing our reservations and ended up at PPQ Dungeness Island for crab, garlic noodles and seabass. Yummm


Lastly, my birthday lunch w Vanessa. She wanted to “treat me like a queen” (her words!). So she made reservations at Madera, a 1 Michelin star restaurant for lunch. Dining on the patio, w a spectacular view… a glass of Prosecco, appetisers, fish entrees and ending with desserts and great coffee. (Thanks V!!)


What a great week! A whole week of eating here and there. The more birthdays I have had, the more appreciation I have for life and the people around me. Some days I wish I could spend a birthday with the rest of my family and I miss my friends back home and in Canada. But all in all, I am a lucky girl. Thanks for all the birthday wishes, the msgs and kind words.

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