Housewife’s tale episode 26

What a week. Week came and left like it never even happened. I caught some bug and is now down w the flu. Not impressed at all!!!


Before I crawl back under the covers and watch movie after movie to ignore how miserable I feel – I should get this menu recap done!


Sunday – Got Meep to take me to Hankook Supermarket in Sunnyvale. I love this place~ It is a huge korean grocery store that sells everything you would need if you want to start cooking korean dishes~ We got a giant tub of kimchi (1 gallon’s worth).


I remember back in September, we started with the tiny plastic bottled mass produced Cosmos brand. This is always very well fermented.


I prefer the more fermented kimchi and with these fresh made (ish) glass jar ones, it depends on how long they have been sitting there. Some old lady shopping in Hankook started talking to me about how she like the less fermented ones and told me to look for bubbles. The more bubbles in the jar -more fermented! ^_^


Then I got a 1/2 gallon one from a  tiny korean store called “Side Dish Corner”. It was better that the Cosmos brand. M told me in Kyo Po (also on EL Camino), you can watch the ladies actually make the kimchi and stuff them into glass jars. O_O You would have thought these would taste all the same but not really. I don’t have a favourite but would lean towards the one I got at Side Dish Corner.

Neways, I totally went off on a tangent about kimchi~ We got some kimchi, rice cakes/ovalettes, snacks and veggie from HanKook. I think I went through a few weeks without my kimchi stew and was happy to stuff my face. This time I added some soft tofu.

DSCF4694recipe here.

We also have some grilled mackerel. I have had 2 bad fish days in a less than 4 days! The fish tasted good but I totally messed it up. I like it when the skin stays on and gets all crispy. Ah well…



Monday – I went to Safeway to pick up some milk and yoghurt so I can kick start the Special K challenge. I need to lose about 6 pounds before dress shopping. ^o^..

Rotisserie chicken was on sale so I picked up one. No cooking! YAY! A lady needs a break every now and then~ I made some quick mash potatoes (with green onions, butter, milk, salt n pepper). Meep really like the potatoes, which surprised me coz I have tried making the mash potatoes a little different each time and his favourite used to be w garlic, parmesan and parsley. This is way easier!



Tuesday – We had dinner plans w S (the fake korean from past entries) and A. Headed to 99 chicken in Santa Clara. I have been wanting to try this place out for months! I love love love fried chicken. I have not found any that beats Churchs’ Chicken.



Will probably do a review after another trip there! wait for it~

Got home and realised I have not packed Meep’s lunch. I just got some leftover chicken from the night before, cut it up along w some green beans n potatoes. I had some frozen puff pastry in the freezer so I made him….


CHIKEN POT PIE! So easy with frozen pastry. When I used to work at a restaurant in Vancouver, they would use cream of mushroom, some thyme, little curry powder and mayo. Mix that with chicken and vegetables and you get pretty darn awesome pot pie!




Wednesday – Got home at about 10.30 pm. I got Meep to defrost chicken while I was in class. I was craving tomato garlic chicken but he is usually not a fan. So I made him soy sauce chicken. With two pans going – and half hour later! Dinner~


Talk about ugly pictures – but it was late and I was hungry. =P


And more kimchi stew. I love making this after my late classes because it takes about 15 mins and taste pretty good with rice.




Thursday – I had to cook dinner early coz I was going to a workshop series. The workshop was about understanding money and a woman’s worth. The talk was given by Congresswoman Jackie Speier and Jan Yanehiro. It was pretty interesting. I didn’t learn anything per se BUT I did meet a lot of nice ladies and was inspired to be more proactive about Meepy and my finances.

There is this quote that I really liked from the workshop – “Success is never final and Failure is never fatal”. Along with the question “What would you do different if you knew you could never fail”. Ah… words that makes people think! I like.

Back to dinner. I cooked Pineapple fried rice (recipe to come). It was one of the rare times where I cook and it is still bright out. So I wanted to test out taking pictures in natural light. I never really got it when I read that using the flash on your camera makes your food look flat. Honestly I never really cared because I like simple fast photos taken before the food gets cold. I don’t like cold food. But since this time I was heading out and Meep had to nuked the food anyways, I could play around a little.


… The picture below is taken with flash. I finally see it! The dish does look flat!!!


Cool huh? I thought so.



Friday – My sniffles started and I felt like crap! Was gonna work on some stuff but ended up whiny and in bed. I did get up to cook. I made some rabokkie. I have started increasing the level of heat/spiciness in my cooking. This is the spiciest so far.



Saturday – We went to the dentist to pick up my teeth whitening tray and bleach. I can’t wait to see the results in a week! The hygienist told me to cut off coffee for the whole week so they could see how well the bleach worked. That would be interesting. I think I will just drink my coffee with a straw!

We went to Macy’s because I have this 15% off coupon and I wanted a new purse. Got our hair cut. I just got a little trim and my hair thinned out. I don’t really like how it looks down but at least in a pony tail it looked better that my previous hair. I tie my hair up all the time neways~

Had pho for lunch and burger king for dinner~ ^_^ That’s the end of week 26.

I am gonna get drugged up and crash. Good night~

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