Why do you eat?

Kinda ambiguous question. How should I phrase it better…

When you eat, what is your objective? Is it just to satisfy hunger or for more psychological reasons? Reason I am posting this is because – I sometimes eat things that aren’t the “best” or sometimes pretty sh*t. I eat them not because of its amazing taste or how it “tickles” my tastebuds but more because I feel “something” when I eat it.

Confused? ok, let’s put it simply into a multiple choice.

Do you eat because

(a) you are hungry

(b) you have a craving

(c) you want to remember a moment

(d) always a combination

My answer  is always (d). I don’t always eat because I am hungry but if I have a craving – it needs to be satiated or I won’t be a pleasant person.  Meep on the other hand always eats because he is HUNGRY. He rarely has cravings and eats whatever I put on his plate. I am particular about what I put it my mouth.


Where am I going w this post? Well, some random things.



I ordered a whole box of Maggi noodles. To be honest, these are not the “best” instant noodles. The quality comes across as the cheap Mr.Noodle (maybe a step up) BUT a lower than Nongshim brand. I still ended up spending about $20 (including shipping) to get these noodles to me. WHY? I grew up eating these and have not had them for MANY years… I just wanted to remember what it was like.




Ever heard of Jollibee? If you are filipino/filipina, this is a DUMB question. Started in the Philippines and is now in many countries especially areas with a large filipino population. There is about 3 Jollibee’s in Brunei. Growing up, there were 2. I remember on random occasions, mom would get me an order of spaghetti for $2.75 and it would be the best day!! I saw the giant Jollibee sign when I headed to GreatMall and got really excited! (I b*tched at Meep for not telling me there was one here).


I was not hungry but I decided to pig out anyways. And you know what! It tasted just like it used to. It brought back awesome memories and I could remember how I felt all those times I ate it as a kid. I know it’s weird but that’s how I roll. I remember what I eat. The little circles of hotdog, sweet sauce and cheese with soggy noodles. To be honest, it is not that good at all. BUT I STILL LOVE IT.


Meep had a bite and looked at me with disgust.


I have dreams about food and would wake up feeling like I have just had them. I can remember what it tasted like it my mouth and would then have a mad craving for it…



I am such a glutton. Meep always wondered why I am not 200 lbs. I am just glad for good genes. I have so many food related memories it is ridiculous. I think I am gonna start a mini series on different “occasions” where it is ALL about food for me.

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