Housewife’s tale episode 27.

I know I say this at every end of the week. But I find it hard to believe that is has been 27 weeks. That is 189 days! I calculated it three times to make sure I got it right. That is half a WHOLE year of this housewife business. That is not even including the 1 mth of moving, unpacking, cleaning and getting settled.

Maybe eventually as this number increases, it will no longer amaze me and I will stop starting these entries like this. =)

I caught the nasty flu on Friday the week before and ended up in bed most of the weekend. Meep and I went to the dentist, then the mall and had some pho on Saturday then it was back to bed for me.

Sunday – I made myself soup. Sad how I have to make myself soup when I am sick. Meep can’t cook even if his life depended on it and would offer to go out and pick up something. Usually fast food. I crave burgers, fries and coke when I am sick.



Monday – still feeling crappy and had class till 10. Got home and crashed. I think Meep fed himself some soup from Sunday and instant noodles. No dinner~


Tuesday – More Vietnamese “shaking beef”. I made this a few weeks ago using Ravenous Couples recipe. Now I just make my own twist to it, pretty much using what I have rather than following the recipe to a T.

Real easy and quick.


I try to convince myself this is pretty balance meal. LOL Meat, veggies and carbs.




Wednesday – Feeling a lot better by today. Went out around downtown to get some fresh air and check out my favourite grocery stores.

I saw a bunch of stuff on sale in Safeway and went I got home, decided I wanted to re-create a pasta dish I had here in the summer of last year. My first visit to Gordon Biersch. It was good but then I had it again in Oct and didn’t enjoy.

I guess I should try make it. How hard can it be rite? It was EASY!!! check out my version of this spicy creamy pasta~ RECIPE




Thursday – Ultimate comfort food! I love spam, corn beef and canned sardine. Any of this over rice with eggs is pretty comforting and nummy. It takes about ten minutes and dinner is served!

I have been craving corn beef for about a week or so. This hit the spot!




Friday –  Headed out to Cash & Carry w M. I love cash and carry coz of the awesome deals but they are HUGE quantities. I got a bag of spinach that Meep calls a  PILLOW of spinach.

A simple spinach and tofu soup.


Pork chops stewed in tomatoes and spices. served with asparagus.




Saturday – Another weekend. Meep doesn’t have any hockey games till Summer. So we haven’t gone to San Francisco in a couple weeks. Leaving our weekends kinda blah. Past couple weeks have been trips to the dentists, mall and grocery stores.

I actually spent the whole evening reading a book “The Help” by Kathryn Stockett. Pretty darn good. I could not put it down and ended up finishing it.

Meep is off to San Diego next week. I decided I wanted to get some food for leftovers since I won’t have to cook dinner and pack his lunches for 4 days~

Our favourite pig out/stock up place is Taipan Dim Sum & Bakery! All this for only $31~




Week 27 is coming to an end. Next week will be a slow cooking week, since I don’t like cooking full dinners when I am alone. Maybe I could finish up the books I have piling up and finish up my study notes for my exam in a mth!

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  1. savvygal says:

    OH I want to try the beef dish. : )

  2. Eddangel says:

    check out the link! easy pea-sy recipe. if u like tangy stuff u will love it! ^_^

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