The Housewives

Here are the stories:


I give partial credit to my sister, who very lovingly almost died laughing at the idea of me being a housewife. I joked about how I should blog about my adventures as a housewife and talk about my chores and meal plans… Little did we know it became my new obsession and so this was created.

I was born and raised in Brunei. Since young, I have always wanted to move halfway across the world and be “independent”. So I did. =) Moved to Canada, attended U of A in Edmonton. Got my first real job at A & W to fund myself. My next 3 jobs were all in restaurants as server, bartender and line cook.

When I graduated, I did not like my job prospects…So ended up deciding between Culinary School or Business School. I decided on Accounting. I WAS SET! Excited about finishing and getting a “real” job that would lead to a career…

So how did I end up  a housewife?

I fell in love . Got married. Moved out of Canada w Meep. Relocation… Meep and I moved to USA for his job. yaada yaada yaada… and so here I am. Inevitably a housewife. Cooking became my hobby.

I have always known I enjoyed cooking but my main motivation was mom’s cooking. I missed it and so started trying to remember how they tasted and trying to recreate them. So now I have a chance to indulge and enjoy this freedom while it last.

P/S: Am working now, a good 2.5 years of being a housewife before going back to a contributing member of society (not that housewife’s aren’t, considering that we probably give back to the economy with the amount of shopping we do when we are bored). It is going to be a challenge to maintain the blog but I will try my BESTEST!


An excerpt from her very first entry into this blog, A Housewife’s Tale is introducing….

Youngest SIL aka Heather

I love food and eating at different restaurants, but I have never been that person to take pictures of their food. Admittedly, I love looking at pictures of food to get the old salivary glands going, but I’ve never been a big picture person. Maybe this blog will change that…? Only time will tell…

Like Miss Edda, I went to the University of Alberta, obtained my degree, and worked throughout my academic years. I was set! I had a great job with the government and met a boy! A boy that I would fall in love with, get married to, and move to Seattle with. This boy has previously been deemed as my “favorite S”. So here I am, in Seattle. Supporting my favorite S while he conquers his endeavors.  Since I am unable to work/volunteer (due to American bureaucratic policies)  I dabbled in the opportunities that Seattle had to offer, such as school, but ultimately decided to follow in my SIL’s footsteps and embrace the housewife life! I have been fortunate enough to travel and participate in many extra curricular activities I would have never thought of trying before.

So here I am. Following in her footsteps again. Food blogging. My favorite S and I like to go out and eat all the time, and I love to tell people about my experiences so this might just be perfect for me! I just have to work on taking more pictures… It’s not my fault I can’t wait to dig in to the delicious food! Taking pictures is the last thing on my mind. I’ll work on it though, I promise!