La Condesa – Austin, TX

On our second day in Austin, we decided on a more low key evening (after spending the whole night at Sixth Street the night before, we were all quite happy to just sit down for a nice meal).  La Condesa came highly recommended by some of the locals so we were more than excited to try it.

JH was a local who grew up in Texas and went to school in Austin and she was impressed with the Tex Mex cuisine La Condesa serves, so I was really excited to be exposed to some Tex Mex.  The decor and ambiance of the restaurant was very hip and eclectic with a nice full bar on the upper level and a main dining area.

Menu had a nice range of options – meats, fish, poultry and even vegetarian. There were lots of plates for sharing and drinks menu, which is a great sign for our group of 7.

We ordered:

Guacamole Tasting $16

A tasting of all the guacamoles and salsa – traditional, chipotle puree & toasted almond, pomegranate & queso fresco, jumbo lump crab w apple & coconut vinegar.

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Juan in a Million – Austin, TX

I have been a little slacking on review and this one is a little late since my visit to Austin was back in May.  But there is no way I have forgotten how much fun and all the good food Austin has to offer.  First thing I did was revisit my pictures for Juan in a Million and had a nice walk down memory lane of the tasty offerings.

Our first visit was just a quick take out of about a dozen breakfast tacos, hoping to be fed while we waiting in line for Franklin’s BBQ.  It was sooo tasty that we bailed on a fancy brunch to eat here.

When I first saw this place, it looked like I was thrown to some old 1980’s movie scene.  I didn’t get to take a photo of the surrounding and the building itself but the area it was located in was quiet and desert looking but then the restaurant itself was packed!

The menu is pretty extensive but clearly indicates what their specialty/favourites are and we made sure to order them all.

The moment we sat down, we were served some complimentary salsa and  chips.

I loved the chips! It was nothing like the chips we normally get out of the bags or in the Mexican restaurant in California.  The salsa was way too spicy for me but all the other ladies loved it.

We ordered:

Guacamole Salad $2.25

Served on a bed of lettuce with tomatoes and cheese

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Potato Gnocchi

Meep is a huge fan of gnocchi. If there is gnocchi on the menu, he usually ends up ordering it (unless I was doing the ordering for him). The first time I made gnocchi has to be over 1.5 years ago… it didn’t turn out great because I did not have a potato ricer (trust me, it makes a whole lot of difference). Bern got me a ricer & jaccard meat tenderiser for my birthday this year (yay! thanks!!) so I decided to give gnocchi a try again.

A very basic potato gnocchi recipe! Hard to describe the exact amounts because I kind of went by touch..



1 lb Russet potatoes

4 large egg yolk

1/2 cup grated Parmesan

1/2 teaspoon salt

1/4 teaspoon black pepper

1 cup All Purpose flour



Step 1: Place potatoes on a bed of coarse sea salt.

Bake potatoes for 45 minutes in 425F oven.


Step 2: Peel potatoes while it is still hot. Use a kitchen towel to hold it, and peel with tongs. The skin should be a little blistered so it would be easy to peel off.

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