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Edda’s chili

This is by no means an “authentic chili”. I don’t know how to get creative and make up awesome recipes. That being said, I have successfully “re-created” my favourites after eating them several times. First I research what is in the “typical” or similar dishes. Then I try to remember what the dish taste like […]

Burger time!! (dedicated to Sing)

Was chatting w Sing bout a week ago and he asked if I was gonna post up recipes of my food. His special request was chicken rice and burgers. He used to ask for either of them as “payment” when I made him do stuff for me. LOL So this is esp for him! Ingredients […]

Housewife tale episode 10~

TEN! can you believe it?!! This is a pretty uneventful week~ Meep and I had dim sum w DK n V at TAIPAN in Palo Alto. It was not too bad, but nothing amazing. It should have been considering the prices on the menu. The lady boss was a family friend of V so we […]

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