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Drinks & Eats at the Border – Kuala Lurah, Malaysia

Living in Brunei, a dry muslim country meant being creative when it comes to finding a nice place to drink and have a good time. It used to be at friends’ homes or the beach until we got older. Then everyone drove and had access to their own passports! This meant heading to the border […]

Kaizen Sushi – Brunei

Kaizen is one of the older sushi joints in Brunei. Before Excapade won the hearts of the locals, and continuously expanded over the years – Kaizen was always packed with people. Now it is no longer the first choice for most, but still a popular favourite of some who feel that the food here is […]

Lucky Restaurant – Brunei

Since I was a little girl, mom used to always pick up dim sum from Lucky about once a month. I remembered Black bean spare rib on rice packed tightly into a ball with a piece of plastic; multiple orders of siu mai in plastic bags and char siew steamed buns in the proper styro […]

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