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Cafe Medina – Vancouver, BC

Another trip to Vancouver, meant another visit to Cafe Medina since this is Cuz C’s favourite spot for coffee and/or brunch. It was a gloomy Saturday at noon ish and there was a hour wait for a table! Seated in the back room, which had empty tables for long periods of time (causing me to […]

Weekend in Vancouver – Day 1

Hi Peeps! Was in Vancouver for my bestie’s wedding and definitely ate enough to write a substantial post on the dining scene~ Had what I felt was the best non-Chinese wedding meal at Brix; hit up the Richmond Night Market and 3 other restaurants for their best dishes! Instead of flying into Vancouver, we thought […]

Cafe Medina – Vancouver, BC (Canada)

After our lunch date at Market by Jean Georges, Meep and I met up with Cuz C for a coffee before he had to head to the airport. I didn’t know where we were going till we parked across the street from Cafe Medina. I wanted to try the place for their brunch but we […]

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