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Brenda’s French Soul Food – San Francisco, CA

It has almost become a monthly thing; where after hockey, Meep and I will have brunch w SK & A~ A’s suggestions for restaurants have never failed us and it has gotten to a point where I would text her if I was in a particular neighbourhood and needed a place to eat! So another […]

Poor House Bistro – San Jose, CA

Meep & I used to walk past Poor House Bistro after he picks up hockey sticks from the store next door. It was a old looking house that got turned into a restaurant and always crazy packed during Game nights at the Shark Tank. It took me over a year and a half before I […]

Crawfishaholic – San Jose, CA

First time I had bags and bags of seafood in spicy cajun seasoning was Crawdaddy’s. Since then, Meep and I were HOOKED!!! It was awesome and so primitive. So I started looking around for other similar establishments. Got a $25 certificate for free so we figured why not try out Crawfishaholic in San Jose. […]

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