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Housewife’s Tale episode 44

Lots of eating this week! More eating than cooking tho~ CL & her mom was visiting for 3 days and I was in SF for 2 of the days with them. And of course that meant checking out the good restaurants in SF coz CL is as much a foodie as I am. Before we […]

Carbonara inspired pizza

. . Pizza Dough – Recipe here. I used the same recipe but stretch out the dough thinner than usual because I feel that this pizza would fit a thin crust better. . For the sauce, I used this recipe from The Cooking Photographer as a guideline. Here is what I used and did: Garlic […]

Housewife’s Tale episode 39

Sunday – (Still in vegas at this point) We went for dinner at Daniel Boulud Brasserie in the Wynn. Full recap here. We ate so much that I think it would be excessive to repost all the pictures here. 🙂 . . Monday – We ate at Grand Lux cafe @ the Venetian. We were […]

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