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Housewife’s Tale Episode 43

What a week! Well, not as intense as the week before; uneventful but a good busy week. The week started off w a bang (literally): It was July 4th, Meep and I dropped B & N at SFO, and when we were on the way; one of the front tyres blew up! We ended up […]

Housewife’s Tale episode 41

41 and counting~ Sunday – N & Meep went out car shopping all afternoon and I promised to make dinner. I had no idea what N likes and so I went for my usual crowd favourite –  Hainanese Chicken Rice. I had a lot of stock from boiling the chicken, so I made a tofu […]

Housewife’s tale episode 30

30!!! *gulp* Got back from Edmonton on Wednesday. It was been while since I last posted a recipe. It doesn’t help that I have to write an exam on the 22nd. I prolly won’t be posting much for a while. Maybe I will post some backdated reviews~ Sunday – S roasted a 15 lb butterball […]

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