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Korean Secret Garden – Santa Clara, CA

Another dinner out w DK. We are not very creative when we dine out and rather than being a total nazi about where we dine, I let him decide. He picked Secret Garden for some Korean BBQ since he has been there and quite enjoyed it. The restaurant looked great! It was clean and decorated […]

Han Sung BBQ – Santa Clara, CA

Originally, V & I planned to have a small BBQ at my place for July 4th long weekend. It was a fairly last minute plan so the BBQ pits were already all reserved. We ended up planning Korean BBQ instead, which is almost becoming a ritual. We had Korean BBQ the first New Year’s we […]

Palace BBQ Buffet – Sunnyvale, CA

Meep & I have only been to Palace BBQ twice in the past 2 years, it is usually the 1 hour wait that puts us off. The we found out that they no longer serve our favourite cut of meat (the Wang Galbi) so there was one more reason to not go there. After over […]

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