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Plumed Horse – Saratoga, CA

Happy Anniversary! Meeps and I have been married for four years now. Every year that we have celebrated this day, we feel blessed to have found each other (cheesy but I think I am allowed to be cheesy once a year, no?). Neways, instead of rambling on about what is has been like for us, […]

The Rotunda – San Francisco, CA

The Rotunda was an interesting choice for lunch (at least for me). Our original intent was to head over for afternoon tea but it was not available till after 2.30 pm and we were hungry by noon. So the other option was the regular lunch menu. Eating in a department store (albeit a nice one) […]

Buenos Aires Grill, Seattle, WA

S and I had a gift certificate to Buenos Aires, an Argentinian restaurant, so we decided to head there and check it out. Since moving to Seattle, it is rare that we have red meat, so we gazed over the menu and took our time deciding. This is what we decided upon: We started with […]

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