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Wakuriya – San Mateo

Merry Christmas!! I am writing this post in advance so that it gets published right on Christmas eve. Meep and I had our Christmas dinner early (really early) a couple weeks ago at Wakuriya. I have always wanted to dine at Wakuriya but never got the chance (once it was because the reservations we got […]

TW Village Bistro – San Mateo, CA

A new taiwanese restaurant opened at the Marina Plaza near work a few months ago. About 8 of us decided to go try it out just to expand our options for dining spots. It is not the most glamourous looking place, especially from the outside but the interior was nice, clean and spacious. Menu is […]

Yuzu Sushi & Grill – San Mateo

Now that I am working around the peninsula, my dining radius has definitely expanded to more than just South Bay and San Francisco. Recently, A and I have been dining around more in San Mateo since it is a good meeting point w the other ladies who live all over the Bay Area. Yuzu is […]

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