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Shilla – Seattle,WA

S and I work right beside Shilla, and have seen it in passing many a time. We used to go for Korean food pretty regularly back in Edmonton, so we were excited to try this place out! First off, look at this! I loved the fact they covered their spoon with a piece of paper. […]

Sullivan’s Steakhouse, Seattle, WA

S had an amazing week at work, so we wanted to go out and celebrate. We decided to go to Sullivan’s Steakhouse, in hopes for a lovely evening. Take a look at what we dined on: Bread should always be served warm in my opinion. I generally don’t like bread, but it’s definitely more enticing […]

Mirch Masala, Seattle, WA

Have I told you that Indian food is probably my favorite food? I don’t eat it that often, but when I do, I feel like I’m awakening my taste buds. So the other week, S and I were craving some Indian food so we decided to try Mirch Masala. It’s located in the Capitol Hill […]

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