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Layang Layang – San Jose, CA

Layang Layang is just the plural for kite (kites) in Bahasa Melayu aka Malay (the national language of Brunei & Malaysia). Meep and I have driven past this restaurant a handful of times but was never too keen about visiting it. Even when I saw a deal on Groupon, I still was not swayed. To […]

Pho Kim Long – San Jose (updated), CA

Vietnamese – my version of the ultimate comfort food. I don’t know any dish so far that I dislike, but I can’t say I have tried every dish; just the typical rice dishes and noodles. Meep and I used to eat Vietnamese at least once a week back in Vancouver. Our favourite place was literally […]

Nasi Lemak

My adaptation of mommy’s nasi lemak sambal recipe~ Everytime I call her to ask her for a recipe, she would just tell me what is in there and VAGUELY how much coz she has no clue. Usually I get a ratio~ I have made this twice, and this time I think it turned out better. […]

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