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Sushi Infinity – San Jose, CA

H, S and I were thinking of picking up some lunch before they had to head off to the airport. I suggested a couple places that were close to home and they ended up picking Sushi Infinity~ My experiences here have been up & down in the past 8 mths so I was hoping this […]

A Housewife’s Tale episode 83

It has been a good week of eating, shopping and living the life~ 🙂 And working on my reviews from all the eating I did in my 2 month trip back to Brunei and my week trip in New York City. I have a list of over 35 reviews. That just seems excessive, no? . […]

Housewife’s Tale episode 54

Pretty typical week; cooked, ate out, laze around and some grocery shopping in between~ week 54’s menu is pretty Asian, nothing fancy but quick easy simple dishes just because~ . Sunday – On some day, I crave my version of comfort food. Comfort food to me is food that reminds me of home and that I […]

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